Tuesday, August 2

Painting and Decorating

The bathroom is finished! Well, pretty much finished anyway. It's only taken about a week. It took four coats of white paint to cover the orange in the end. Four. Fucking. Coats. I am sick to death of the sight of white paint. However, the brown took a grand total of one coat. It was done in about an hour! Now all i have to do is clean off the tile grout whitener and wait for the new bits (towel rail + ring, bog brush, light pull, flush handle and loo roll holder) to arrive, choose a new rug, and print some photos to hang on the walls. It looks marvelous. Apart from the orange tiles. Orange is almost as bad as white paint at the moment. Unfortunately tiles are harder to get rid of, considering there's just one line of them around the bath. We're going to phone the tile man and see if we can replace just the orange ones.

I forgot to take before photos. But trust me, it is a vast improvement!

Not much else has been happening worth mentioning. Clapotis is about half way through, and i cast on my second lorna's laces sock last night. Now i suppose i should go and do something interesting so i have something to mention in my next entry.


Carolyn said...

It looks great Holly. You've earned a rest with some G&B and sock knitting!

katmeow said...

your bathroom looks really nice! i like the brown/white combo. good job!