Friday, August 19

The Weasles Hit Count now stands at about 8. The more I mention Weasles, the more Weasles hits there are! Maybe I should attempt to mention Weasles at least once in every entry?

Can't wait for the yarn shopping expedition with Knitty Ladies tomorrow! I have a feeling I'll come back very poor. And I'll have to take a big bag with me! Thankfully I'll be getting paid at the end of the month instead of having to wait until I've worked a whole month, which is wonderful. I'm not sure what knitting i'm going to take with me, because I only have the ribbing left to do on Sock2, which will probably get finished tonight and the only other thing i have on the needles at the moment is the Hearten sweater, which is far too big to take with me. I guess that means I'll have to start a new project! I have a few balls of Koigu in the stash somewhere from the failed Charlotte's Web...I might make some odd socks out of that, just for fun.

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