Friday, August 5

Y'know, it's a damn good job I don't have a credit card. Most American sites only accept visa or mastercard, and all I have is my switch card (which took long enough to sort out as it is, so I'm not getting a sodding visa/mastercard as well as the 4 cards i already have). I almost just spent £45 at Purl Soho. I blame Julie because she's the one that gave me the link! And the call of Latern Moon ebony needles, and Manos Del Uruguay, it was just too much. I can justify these kinds of things in my head, because the basket total says $76, and I think BLOODY HELL! Then I realise it's SO much cheaper in our English monies. See, justification. So I buy buy buy, and I fill in all the little boxes thinking "oooh...yarn", then it comes to How Would You Like To Pay? Mastercard? Nope. Visa? Nope. Discover? Huh? Well then sod off we don't want your money! So no Latern Moon or Manos Del Uruguay for Holly. I drooled slightly over the Lobster Pot Yarns cashmere as well, but not even I can justify £25 for 50g of yarn!

Other than perving over yarn pr0n, I have done pretty much a big sod all. I can't wait to start my new job, I'm going slightly crazy here with nothing to do! Mum won't let me do any more decorating, and I'm sick to death of cleaning and tidying, and we only have so many DVD's in the house that I can watch, and daytime TV lost it's novelty value about a month ago. I could always go over to Olney but we all know that means spending money! Money I should not be spending, because in two weeks time I'm off to Londinium to perv over even more yarn with these lovely ladies at Loop.
I may even be going to Belgium for a couple of days at the begining of next week with Ma and Pa, considering it's my last week of freedom. That's if we find anywhere to stay at such short notice. I like belgium. They do good chocolate.

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