Sunday, September 25

Promise to myself.

I will not buy any more yarn until the Knitting and Stitching show on the 15th and 16th of October.
I do not need more yarn. I have more yarn than I know what to do with (though I'll admit, a lot of it I do know what to do with). I have no more room for yarn. I will complete at least 2 projects before buying any more (one step at a time people!)
I will start a project with old yarn before starting anything with new yarn.

I will also not waste a whole day playing the sims again for at least a week. Hah.

Saturday, September 24

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Well, a 17" widescreen monitor aint exactly little, but let me introduce to to my new friend, his name is DangerousBeans.

Internet is working (though not the wireless, yet), McAfee, PSP9, Itunes and all other essentials installed. Everything working perfectly. Hell, even the in built speakers don't sound too bad! Now all I have to do is install the Sims2 and get my files from Dad's computer onto here. That may have to wait until he comes home though.
I was watching TV the other night, as you do. Just flicking through the channels thinking "damn, they really have some bollocks on TV these days", when i flicked on to BBC2 and there was a program about Venice. I only watched about half of it because the doorbell rang half way through, but now I really really want to go back. It's definalty in my top 3 of favourite places in the world ever. I love the fact that you can walk around for hours and hours and never get lost, because once you're back at the Grand Canal you know exactly where you are. I love the vaporetto, because it's so quick and so simple to use. I love everything about it, everywhere you go there's something new to see. 4 days there wasn't nearly enough.

So, who wants to come with me?

Today I'm off over to Olney (again), to go to The Knit Tin and pick up my laptop! After no doubt spending too long harrassing Julie, I shall come home and spend the rest of my weekend being a total g33k and trying to connect my laptop to the network, getting the wireless internet connection to work (Which my dad realised the other day shouldn't actually work at all. We have what he thought was a wireless transmitter in the study for the whole house, i always thought the signal was a bit crap because once you get more than a few meters away, it doesn't work. Turns out we just have a signal booster, and no transmitter at all.), and uploading various bits of software. Fun fun fun!

Wednesday, September 21

No Knitting Content At All

I shall warn you now, this entry will have pretty much no knitting content what so ever, because I've hardly done any since i last updated.

So last sunday was wonderfully marvelous and fantastic. I love going down to London to see my BME friends, and it had been far too long since I saw them! So I got to London and met up with Vicky and Anne in camden. The first stop was cold steel. Spent a while chatting and just hanging around, then i got my right conch pierced to match my left (and Ellie is truly wonderful, I've had my left conch for years now, and it was done here in Northampton. She managed to match the placement on the right one perfectly. If anyone in the UK is going to get pierced, go to Cold Steel! The cost of getting to London is SO worth it). Then we sat around and chatted a bit more, discussing how disgusting the hygene standards in the NHS are (both Anne and myself have recently had blood tests and both of us had nurses who didn't wear gloves).
After that we went to Wagamamas for lunch, which was very tasty. Then we headed for the Zoo. It was gay sunday, which meant 20% discount on entry if you had the voucher. There was a free cocktail somewhere as well but we were too excited about seeing the monkeys, bugs, penguins, meercats, and anteaters to get it. Plus we didn't actually get in the zoo until about 3:30pm, so only had a couple of hours. It was great fun, London Zoo is so much smaller than i remember it being when I was 5! After the Zoo we headed back to Camden. Vicky headed home and Anne and I went to the pub to meet Cherie. I couldn't stay long because I had a train to catch, and by this time it was about half 6. So it was a quick drink, and i headed back to the train station. I had to wait about half an hour for my train to actually get in to the station though, and I saw a girl i used to train at Kodak wondering around. I didn't talk to her though, because she's annoying. (I'm such a nice person!). So yes, that was my sunday. Next time I'm going to make them come up here and go to Woburn Safari Park.

I wish more weekends were like that.

Saturday, September 17

Gay Sunday!

So tomorrow I'm off to London (again) to see some of my wonderful BME friends, and I can't wait! The plan is lunch in camden, then 3 or 4 of us are off to London Zoo!. Checking out the website last night to see how much tickets were, I was noticed that tomorrow just happens to be Gay Sunday at the Zoo! 20% discount on tickets, access to a chill out lounge, and a free cocktail if you print off the voucher. There's even going to be a drag queen! So we're all going to be gayfortheday.
*Starts singing "I'm going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. How about you, you, you?"

The other day I started and finised the Bubby Bear pattern from the latest Knitty. He is so adorable. I couldn't quite get the picking up stitches to start the legs to work, so one leg looks like it may fall off any second, but I still love him.

I used 2 strands of Lorna's Laces sock yarn held together, left over from the socks. There are few things more frustrating than having to work on DPNs when you only have 1 or 2 stitches on each needle, but I persisted and I'm quite glad I did. As you can probably tell from the bottom of the feet I completely disregarded the grafting instruction because I couldn't be bothered to find out how to do it, and just pulled the ends in. You can just about see the dodginess of the right leg as well (or left leg, depending on how you look at it).
I think I'll be making more of these.

Also, big huge hugs to Pettie. Hope you're ok sweetie xxx.

Sunday, September 11

So I went to Olney yesterday and spent about 3 hours lurking at The Knit Tin. The scarf is now on display in the shop! I got a couple of balls of rowan big wool tuft which will be a present for someone so it shall not be mentioned here. I also got 2 balls of rowan ribbon twist which about 2 hours after getting home was turned into this...

I was quite amazed how far that yarn went. 12 stitches wide, just boring garter stitch, on 12mm needles and it's a good length scarf plus fringes. I was expecting something like a medium length scarf without fringes so I'm very impressed with it. I love projects that are that fast! This scarf will be going to the Knitting and Stitching show.

I started my cashmere socks this morning whilst watching last wednesdays Lost (I love that program!). No plans for the rest of the day. I'll probably end up watching a DVD or something and knitting a bit more, as well as the usual domestic type stuff like washing which is always left until last thing on a sunday, because I'm organised like that.

But now, considering it's almost half 12 and I'm still in my PJs, I suppose I should go and get dressed!

Saturday, September 10

It's finished! Told ya it would be. As usual i've ended up with one of those balls of yarn that isn't big enough to make anything with, but is too big to throw away. I thought that wouldn't happen this time because i'd already cut the fringes before i started the 3rd ball. But no. I thought the last 2 decrease sections would take more yarn than they did, because i'm sure the first 2 increase sections took more than that. Ah well. I guess it might be enough to make an Ipod case or something.

Pattern: Short Row Ribbed Scarf from Magknits.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Astrakahn (or however it's spelt), 3 balls.

Very nice pattern, very nice yarn. The first ball split once and had a couple of knots in it but the other two were just fine. Not easy to tink at all though! Once it's knit it doesn't want to be un-knit!

Now, i'm going to grab something to eat and head over to Olney.

Friday, September 9

Something very very strange happened last night. Something that happens very rarely, and sometimes has to be seen to be believed.
I actually went out. And socialised. And had FUN. And you know what's even scarier? I went on my own.
Every other thursday there's a Knit In at the (very nice) coffee shop opposite The Knit Tin in Olney. I have said to Julie a few times I'll go but I've either completely forgotten or had one of those irrational moments of paranoia and fear where I'm convinced I'm going to turn up and there's not going to be anyone else there or everyone's going to hate me...y'know...irrational freakouts. Like last year when I was going to go to the work christmas party and I spent all day feeling like I was going to throw up because I was scared of going to a place I've never been before on my own to meet up with people I hardly knew. Well, yes, total freak out and spending all night hiding in a corner (at home) followed that, and I never went.
So last night I suddenly realise OH, it's the 8th. Knit In night. I spent about half an hour debating whether or not to put my shoes on. Then another 10 minutes about whether or not to put all my stuff in my bag. then another 10 actually pushing myself out the door and into my car.
And then I got there and it was fun and good and everyone was nice and friendly and there was tasty coffee and CAKE. Very good cake.
So yes, now I've overcome that totally irrational fear I might go to a few more!
We'll ignore the fact I was so nervous that when I got there and started knitting I did almost a whole zig (or zag) on my scarf and forgot the increases at the begining of every row, so had to tink back and do it all again. Tinking is not easy with that yarn. But I fixed it, and drank some coffee, then stopped being so nervous and started doing it properly.

Talking of overcoming irrational fears. Answering the phones at work really isn't that bad. I've only had 2 people get pissy at me so far, and I get through that by pulling funny faces at the phone. Hell, last night I even phoned up Next instead of emailing them to tell them my statement was wrong. I'm good at this phone thing now.
So what irrational fear is next? Moths? Giant spiders inside my duvet cover?

So, the scarf. It's almost done. In fact, I only have 2 or 3 more repeats to do then I'm done, so it should be finished tonight. And tomorrow I shall take it to Julie to go in the shop. And find out what on earth she was on about when she said she wants us to wear aprons at the knitting and stitching show! (Should I just run away now?).

Photos coming soon, promise.

Sunday, September 4

I have a cold. It sucks. And the milk in my tea is off.

Yesterday I decided to wind up my skein of cashmere sock yarn into two balls so i could start on the socks. It took me all day. It was going quite well. I had the skein laid out on my lap and was winding from each end, so I ended up with 1 ball for each sock. It was going well, no knots or anything. (This is how I always wind skeins into balls, putting it over the back of a chair or something involves stuff like moving furniture and finding a chair the right size!) Then the doorbell rang and everything went wrong. I had to pick up the skein and move it, and in the process somehow completely buggered up the neatness and ended up with a giant knot in the middle that took me until 10:30pm to undo.

Today I'm going to watch crap on TV, knit, and complain to myself about the weather, because the parents are now away until Tuesday night and I have no one else to complain to.

Cough. Sniff. Bleurgh.

Thursday, September 1

First proper week of work is going well. I think I'll get the hang of things soon, though I'm not looking forward to answering the phones at all. Today was post opening and an "agency awareness seminar" which was only good because we got to use the coffee machine, had biscuits, and I stole a pen.

I've had a cold for the last couple of days. I went to bed at about 7pm last night and slept through what my Dad called the loudest thunderstorm he's ever heard...and my Dad doesn't exagerate. I'm gutted, I love thunderstorms. Hopefully we'll have more soon, what with the heat we've been having lately.

I went to see Julie last weekend, and got 3 balls of Debbie Bliss Astrakhan to make a scarf to go in the shop for a bit. I was going to do a seafoam stitch but that looked kinda crap, so now i'm doing the Magknits zig zag ribbed scarf which looks good. I also got an old issue of Rowan magazine (the one with Birch in, which I think I'm going to make with the kid mohair my SP4 sent me) and At Knits End which is great!

This weekend I plan to watch the 2 episodes of Lost I've got recorded, and knit a lot. Can't be bothered to go anywhere or do anything.