Sunday, September 4

I have a cold. It sucks. And the milk in my tea is off.

Yesterday I decided to wind up my skein of cashmere sock yarn into two balls so i could start on the socks. It took me all day. It was going quite well. I had the skein laid out on my lap and was winding from each end, so I ended up with 1 ball for each sock. It was going well, no knots or anything. (This is how I always wind skeins into balls, putting it over the back of a chair or something involves stuff like moving furniture and finding a chair the right size!) Then the doorbell rang and everything went wrong. I had to pick up the skein and move it, and in the process somehow completely buggered up the neatness and ended up with a giant knot in the middle that took me until 10:30pm to undo.

Today I'm going to watch crap on TV, knit, and complain to myself about the weather, because the parents are now away until Tuesday night and I have no one else to complain to.

Cough. Sniff. Bleurgh.


Carolyn said...

Ugh, cold, nasty!

Do you know I had the same problem with my cashmere sock yarn! Took me hours to unknot it ;)

BTW have signed up for the beginner's crochet class at the Knit Tin on the 24th!

holly said...

Julie said you'd phoned up :) She should pay me for my advertising, lol!
I'm (probably) going to the next thursday evening thing which is the 8th.

diary of a knitknit said...

I'm going to try to get hold of some Hipknits Cashmere sock yarn. Give us a shout if you don't like it, will you? I really hate knotty yarn, the other day I spent about four hours trying to make a centerpull ball out of one hank...

Sorry about you having a cold. take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Hol,
we were gonna come and see you on sunday but your mum said you were full of cold so we kept away!
I've got to ask What is a 'Clapotis'??? the picture doesn't give it away?
Love Ruth,Chloe and little Roo(-the Bump!the last bump was called John Junior so this time it's after me!!) xxx

holly said...

Clapotis is a scarf :)
I did feel slightly ill at the weekend, so staying away was probably a good idea, i wouldn't want to pass it on! I'm much better now though so you can come and see me!

kerrie said...

That always happens to me when I'm winding skeins into balls. I don't know what the answer is. I'm lucky if I can get a skein wound up without a random child thinking they need to "help" me. :)