Saturday, September 24

I was watching TV the other night, as you do. Just flicking through the channels thinking "damn, they really have some bollocks on TV these days", when i flicked on to BBC2 and there was a program about Venice. I only watched about half of it because the doorbell rang half way through, but now I really really want to go back. It's definalty in my top 3 of favourite places in the world ever. I love the fact that you can walk around for hours and hours and never get lost, because once you're back at the Grand Canal you know exactly where you are. I love the vaporetto, because it's so quick and so simple to use. I love everything about it, everywhere you go there's something new to see. 4 days there wasn't nearly enough.

So, who wants to come with me?

Today I'm off over to Olney (again), to go to The Knit Tin and pick up my laptop! After no doubt spending too long harrassing Julie, I shall come home and spend the rest of my weekend being a total g33k and trying to connect my laptop to the network, getting the wireless internet connection to work (Which my dad realised the other day shouldn't actually work at all. We have what he thought was a wireless transmitter in the study for the whole house, i always thought the signal was a bit crap because once you get more than a few meters away, it doesn't work. Turns out we just have a signal booster, and no transmitter at all.), and uploading various bits of software. Fun fun fun!

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diary of a knitknit said...

Have fun with your new puter :-)
Take care