Saturday, September 10

It's finished! Told ya it would be. As usual i've ended up with one of those balls of yarn that isn't big enough to make anything with, but is too big to throw away. I thought that wouldn't happen this time because i'd already cut the fringes before i started the 3rd ball. But no. I thought the last 2 decrease sections would take more yarn than they did, because i'm sure the first 2 increase sections took more than that. Ah well. I guess it might be enough to make an Ipod case or something.

Pattern: Short Row Ribbed Scarf from Magknits.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Astrakahn (or however it's spelt), 3 balls.

Very nice pattern, very nice yarn. The first ball split once and had a couple of knots in it but the other two were just fine. Not easy to tink at all though! Once it's knit it doesn't want to be un-knit!

Now, i'm going to grab something to eat and head over to Olney.


Danielle said...

Holly, I liked your scarf so much that I just started making one of my own!

holly said...

Wondeful! It's a great pattern, more people should knit it :)