Wednesday, September 21

No Knitting Content At All

I shall warn you now, this entry will have pretty much no knitting content what so ever, because I've hardly done any since i last updated.

So last sunday was wonderfully marvelous and fantastic. I love going down to London to see my BME friends, and it had been far too long since I saw them! So I got to London and met up with Vicky and Anne in camden. The first stop was cold steel. Spent a while chatting and just hanging around, then i got my right conch pierced to match my left (and Ellie is truly wonderful, I've had my left conch for years now, and it was done here in Northampton. She managed to match the placement on the right one perfectly. If anyone in the UK is going to get pierced, go to Cold Steel! The cost of getting to London is SO worth it). Then we sat around and chatted a bit more, discussing how disgusting the hygene standards in the NHS are (both Anne and myself have recently had blood tests and both of us had nurses who didn't wear gloves).
After that we went to Wagamamas for lunch, which was very tasty. Then we headed for the Zoo. It was gay sunday, which meant 20% discount on entry if you had the voucher. There was a free cocktail somewhere as well but we were too excited about seeing the monkeys, bugs, penguins, meercats, and anteaters to get it. Plus we didn't actually get in the zoo until about 3:30pm, so only had a couple of hours. It was great fun, London Zoo is so much smaller than i remember it being when I was 5! After the Zoo we headed back to Camden. Vicky headed home and Anne and I went to the pub to meet Cherie. I couldn't stay long because I had a train to catch, and by this time it was about half 6. So it was a quick drink, and i headed back to the train station. I had to wait about half an hour for my train to actually get in to the station though, and I saw a girl i used to train at Kodak wondering around. I didn't talk to her though, because she's annoying. (I'm such a nice person!). So yes, that was my sunday. Next time I'm going to make them come up here and go to Woburn Safari Park.

I wish more weekends were like that.

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