Friday, September 9

Something very very strange happened last night. Something that happens very rarely, and sometimes has to be seen to be believed.
I actually went out. And socialised. And had FUN. And you know what's even scarier? I went on my own.
Every other thursday there's a Knit In at the (very nice) coffee shop opposite The Knit Tin in Olney. I have said to Julie a few times I'll go but I've either completely forgotten or had one of those irrational moments of paranoia and fear where I'm convinced I'm going to turn up and there's not going to be anyone else there or everyone's going to hate me...y'know...irrational freakouts. Like last year when I was going to go to the work christmas party and I spent all day feeling like I was going to throw up because I was scared of going to a place I've never been before on my own to meet up with people I hardly knew. Well, yes, total freak out and spending all night hiding in a corner (at home) followed that, and I never went.
So last night I suddenly realise OH, it's the 8th. Knit In night. I spent about half an hour debating whether or not to put my shoes on. Then another 10 minutes about whether or not to put all my stuff in my bag. then another 10 actually pushing myself out the door and into my car.
And then I got there and it was fun and good and everyone was nice and friendly and there was tasty coffee and CAKE. Very good cake.
So yes, now I've overcome that totally irrational fear I might go to a few more!
We'll ignore the fact I was so nervous that when I got there and started knitting I did almost a whole zig (or zag) on my scarf and forgot the increases at the begining of every row, so had to tink back and do it all again. Tinking is not easy with that yarn. But I fixed it, and drank some coffee, then stopped being so nervous and started doing it properly.

Talking of overcoming irrational fears. Answering the phones at work really isn't that bad. I've only had 2 people get pissy at me so far, and I get through that by pulling funny faces at the phone. Hell, last night I even phoned up Next instead of emailing them to tell them my statement was wrong. I'm good at this phone thing now.
So what irrational fear is next? Moths? Giant spiders inside my duvet cover?

So, the scarf. It's almost done. In fact, I only have 2 or 3 more repeats to do then I'm done, so it should be finished tonight. And tomorrow I shall take it to Julie to go in the shop. And find out what on earth she was on about when she said she wants us to wear aprons at the knitting and stitching show! (Should I just run away now?).

Photos coming soon, promise.

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