Saturday, October 29

This entry will have lots of photos...

Photo time!

The holiday was fantastic, I had a brilliant time, and I really wish I was still there. I resisted the urge to phone work and tell them I wouldn't be in for another week/month/year/ever. So, because I'm better at the photo taking than the writing and explaining how amazingly wonderful this place is, I shall let the photos do most of the talking (all of them are clickable for bigger versions).

This is where we stayed. Well, to be precise we stayed in the one 3rd from the right - the one with the white towel over the balcony. Now lets put some perspective on that photo shall we? If I turned 180 degrees on the exact spot that photo was taken, this is what I saw...

The entire beach is like that, full of rock pools full of fish, shrimps, and crabs. You can spend an entire day walking around with a chicken leg on some fishing wire and watching everything come out and eat it. Now, if you go and stand on the roof, you get this kind of view at roughly 8:30 in the morning.

And these two, you have to click on to get a decent sized version...

There was one night when the clouds and the sea turned pink. These are true colours, no colour editing at all...

Now lets add some cuteness into all the views, this is Chloe. Everyone say "awww!"...

Now back to the views. about 20 minutes down the road from where we were is a small bay. Lovely sandy beach with the clearest warm(ish) water. On each side there's sand stone cliffs that are the most amazing shapes, with giant smooth curves in them...

We went there twice, on the first day there were loads of small pink jellyfish everywhere.

There were hundreds of fish as well, which swam all around you. Just a few steps out you could stand and hold a piece of bread in your hand, and hundreds of them would come and eat it.

So as well as going to the beach I had the best steak in the world, the best lamb in the world, and the best chicken in the world. I won't bore you all with hundreds of photos of Chloe!
So yes, basically a holiday that revolved around beaches and food - wonderful! I'm already planning going back next year for my birthday - this time for two weeks!

Friday, October 28


I'm home. Don't really want to be, but I am. Photos will come tomorrow.

For now...who wants to own up to being the arse who tried to log into my blogger account whilst I was away? Hmm?

Thursday, October 20

It is 8:17pm...

...and I am going to bed. Because, my dear blog readers, I'm off to Spain tomorrow, and out flight leaves at the rediculous time of 7am. That means having to be at the airport at about 5am. That means leaving home about 4am. That means waking up about 3am. That means if I go to bed I'll get about 6 hours sleep, hurrah!

The knitting is packed (in the suitcase, not risking not being able to take it on the plane). The laptop is staying home, because I am laptop bag less. The camera battery is charged. The Ipod is updated and charged. I have not forgotten underwear or other essentials, like a hairbrush. I have de-fuzzed my legs. I will not forget the mouse for Dad's laptop (currently plugged into mine). I will not forget my sunglasses. Nor will I forget my passport.

Yes...sleep. See you all in a weeks time! And don't forget, The Knit Tin online store opens this friday! And they have Alchemy Yarns!

Wednesday, October 19

She's Back

Woo hoo, I can sit down again! I feel like i've not stopped all week, i'm absolutely shattered.

Last weekend was the Knitting and Stitching show, so my weekend was spent waking up at 6:30am both days and travelling to London. On saturday I was working on The Knit Tin stand. It was a lot of fun, a few Knitty folks turned up and said hello, which was very nice! Just a shame I didn't have time to go and spend all my money with them :) And a note to those who have been asking, The Knit Tin online store goes live this friday!
I also got to meet Kerrie, who is wonderful and fabulous and had a stall full of the worlds most gorgeous yarn.
I got home on saturday and a friend from Scotland had arrived. On sunday Me, Mum, Jill, and Annette got the coach to London again, for day 2 (for me) of yarn heaven. I managed to spend just a small amount...under £200 anyway!

Habu, Hipknits, Touch Yarns, a Debbie Bliis book, sock yarn from Get Knitted...lots of lovelyness! Also from Get Knitted, I got some really short cirular needles for knitting socks! Fantastic little things!

So much faster than using DPNs. I may have to get another pair or two, just because they're so great. No ladders either! (They're currently on sock number 1 of the cashmere hipknits sock yarn).

We got home on sunday and collapsed. Monday I was back to work, and realised I was on the 2 weeks from hell where we're on phones 4 days in a row, so on Monday I was in work from 7:30am to 5pm. Got home and went straight out again. We went to see Kinky Boots at the cinema. It was so weird seeing Earls Barton and Northampon in a film! If any of you go and see it, look out for the scenes with a church in the background. In a couple they're standing on a hill, and the church is behind some trees, in one it's a funeral and the church is in the background. That's just down the road from my house. That's the church I went to when I was in the bownies, and got told off for picking my nose. And the hill they stand on, that's on the rec, where I walk the neighbours dog. I used to run down that hill when I was a kid. After the cinema we went for Pizza, which was very tasty.
Tuesday was work again, came home and found the NTL man that had been fiddling with the utility box at the end of the drive when i got home had actually broken the internet connection. The neighbours came over for dinner, and i was antisocial and went to bed at half 9.

Today I worked again, Jill has gone on to her next stop, and the house seems quiet. Oh, and while all this has been going on, we've been having a new cupboard built under the stairs in the hallway!
But as of today, I have a week and two days off work! Tomorrow I'm washing and packing, and on Friday we're off to Spain!

Now, I'm going to go and fondle some more yarn :)

Sunday, October 9

Something very strange happened yesterday. I went to see Julie, and I didn't spend any money at all. Despite the new amazingly beautiful hand carved rosewood knitting needles she has in. Seriously, they're so amazing you wouldn't want to use them, you'd want to sit and look at them all day. And good news for those of you who have been asking...the online store will go live sometime in the next couple of weeks!

So next week is the Knitting and Stitching show, and I can hardly contain my excitement! It'll be lots of fun, and I shall come home very poor, but DAMN I can't wait!

Yestreday I managed to get my Mum to start knitting again :D She managed 3 scarves last year, and also managed to make the biggest mess ever of a skein of Colinette Silky Chic (I told her to wind it into a ball before she started...but noooo). So last night she started on another scarf in Colinette Isis. I told her she has to start knitting before next weekend, otherwise she'll buy more yarn and just end up not using it. I was amazed to find she has actually got her own secret mini stash! I was so proud of her when i pulled the bag out of the cupboard, haha.

Wednesday, October 5

More Strange Search Results

So the Weasles and Stotes search hits are quite common now...but today some poor sod somehow ended up here by searching for "photos of mariah carey and her yorkie". What. The. Fuck.

Today at work a man on the phone told me I sounded gorgeous...I still made him pay the penalty.

I ordered 2 photos frames for my new bathroom almost 2 months ago. After 3 emails and 2 phone calls i finally got a response from them, and they told me the frames have been discontinued. Why they couldn't have told me that a month ago I don't know. So, does anyone know where I can get some wooden A3 photo frames? Just plain raw wood, no funny details at all. Just 4 flat pieces of wood in a rectangle type shape with some glass in it, is that really too much to ask? BAH.

Saturday, October 1

Aah, weekends.

I like weekends, they involve doing very little. That's always a good thing. Y'know what else is good? Getting an unexpected tax rebate which means this months pay slip (my first full months wages since April!) was £400 more than I expected. I think the words I'm looking for are HELL YEAH. Y'know what that means? It means even more money to spend at the Knitting and Stitching show!

On the needles at the moment are the very slowly progressing cashmere socks, and 2 secret projects, which will be revealed...soon. But they're the reason the socks are going slowly. I shall say this though...20 rows of 126 stitch wide seed stitch almost drove me comepletely insane. Some people might be able to work out what one of the secret projects is from that statement!

And I made another Bubby Bear, this time in something debbie bliss, which i had left over from a hat.

This one...his legs are too short, and one is quite a bit shorter than the other. What is it with me and deformed toys? One day I might make one with correctly placed and proportioned body parts, now that would be funny.