Saturday, October 1

Aah, weekends.

I like weekends, they involve doing very little. That's always a good thing. Y'know what else is good? Getting an unexpected tax rebate which means this months pay slip (my first full months wages since April!) was £400 more than I expected. I think the words I'm looking for are HELL YEAH. Y'know what that means? It means even more money to spend at the Knitting and Stitching show!

On the needles at the moment are the very slowly progressing cashmere socks, and 2 secret projects, which will be revealed...soon. But they're the reason the socks are going slowly. I shall say this though...20 rows of 126 stitch wide seed stitch almost drove me comepletely insane. Some people might be able to work out what one of the secret projects is from that statement!

And I made another Bubby Bear, this time in something debbie bliss, which i had left over from a hat.

This one...his legs are too short, and one is quite a bit shorter than the other. What is it with me and deformed toys? One day I might make one with correctly placed and proportioned body parts, now that would be funny.


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diary of a knitknit said...

I know what your secret project is! ;-) I didn't enjoy that project, but I have to say I'm quite happy with the end product. So keep knitting away, you'll soon be halfway through.
Have a nice weekend!

holly said...

Mmm, Men's Males Enhancement Reviews! Just what every KnitBlogger needs!

Pettie - It does feel like it's going to be a veeery slow going pattern, but I'm just concentrating on the end result, and I have a while to finish it!