Thursday, October 20

It is 8:17pm...

...and I am going to bed. Because, my dear blog readers, I'm off to Spain tomorrow, and out flight leaves at the rediculous time of 7am. That means having to be at the airport at about 5am. That means leaving home about 4am. That means waking up about 3am. That means if I go to bed I'll get about 6 hours sleep, hurrah!

The knitting is packed (in the suitcase, not risking not being able to take it on the plane). The laptop is staying home, because I am laptop bag less. The camera battery is charged. The Ipod is updated and charged. I have not forgotten underwear or other essentials, like a hairbrush. I have de-fuzzed my legs. I will not forget the mouse for Dad's laptop (currently plugged into mine). I will not forget my sunglasses. Nor will I forget my passport.

Yes...sleep. See you all in a weeks time! And don't forget, The Knit Tin online store opens this friday! And they have Alchemy Yarns!

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diary of a knitknit said...

I hope you've had a fabulous time in Spain.