Wednesday, October 19

She's Back

Woo hoo, I can sit down again! I feel like i've not stopped all week, i'm absolutely shattered.

Last weekend was the Knitting and Stitching show, so my weekend was spent waking up at 6:30am both days and travelling to London. On saturday I was working on The Knit Tin stand. It was a lot of fun, a few Knitty folks turned up and said hello, which was very nice! Just a shame I didn't have time to go and spend all my money with them :) And a note to those who have been asking, The Knit Tin online store goes live this friday!
I also got to meet Kerrie, who is wonderful and fabulous and had a stall full of the worlds most gorgeous yarn.
I got home on saturday and a friend from Scotland had arrived. On sunday Me, Mum, Jill, and Annette got the coach to London again, for day 2 (for me) of yarn heaven. I managed to spend just a small amount...under £200 anyway!

Habu, Hipknits, Touch Yarns, a Debbie Bliis book, sock yarn from Get Knitted...lots of lovelyness! Also from Get Knitted, I got some really short cirular needles for knitting socks! Fantastic little things!

So much faster than using DPNs. I may have to get another pair or two, just because they're so great. No ladders either! (They're currently on sock number 1 of the cashmere hipknits sock yarn).

We got home on sunday and collapsed. Monday I was back to work, and realised I was on the 2 weeks from hell where we're on phones 4 days in a row, so on Monday I was in work from 7:30am to 5pm. Got home and went straight out again. We went to see Kinky Boots at the cinema. It was so weird seeing Earls Barton and Northampon in a film! If any of you go and see it, look out for the scenes with a church in the background. In a couple they're standing on a hill, and the church is behind some trees, in one it's a funeral and the church is in the background. That's just down the road from my house. That's the church I went to when I was in the bownies, and got told off for picking my nose. And the hill they stand on, that's on the rec, where I walk the neighbours dog. I used to run down that hill when I was a kid. After the cinema we went for Pizza, which was very tasty.
Tuesday was work again, came home and found the NTL man that had been fiddling with the utility box at the end of the drive when i got home had actually broken the internet connection. The neighbours came over for dinner, and i was antisocial and went to bed at half 9.

Today I worked again, Jill has gone on to her next stop, and the house seems quiet. Oh, and while all this has been going on, we've been having a new cupboard built under the stairs in the hallway!
But as of today, I have a week and two days off work! Tomorrow I'm washing and packing, and on Friday we're off to Spain!

Now, I'm going to go and fondle some more yarn :)


diary of a knitknit said...

OMG! that is some lovely yarn you bought. Wish I was there with you spending some cash.

Have a nice holiday in Spain, don't bring too many knitty projects! :-)

Carolyn said...

Love the idea of doing socks on just one circular. Is it the 30cm 2.5mm one? What's it like knitting with them? Is it really fiddly (like dpns aren't fiddly ;) )

Hope you have a great time in Spain!