Sunday, October 9

Something very strange happened yesterday. I went to see Julie, and I didn't spend any money at all. Despite the new amazingly beautiful hand carved rosewood knitting needles she has in. Seriously, they're so amazing you wouldn't want to use them, you'd want to sit and look at them all day. And good news for those of you who have been asking...the online store will go live sometime in the next couple of weeks!

So next week is the Knitting and Stitching show, and I can hardly contain my excitement! It'll be lots of fun, and I shall come home very poor, but DAMN I can't wait!

Yestreday I managed to get my Mum to start knitting again :D She managed 3 scarves last year, and also managed to make the biggest mess ever of a skein of Colinette Silky Chic (I told her to wind it into a ball before she started...but noooo). So last night she started on another scarf in Colinette Isis. I told her she has to start knitting before next weekend, otherwise she'll buy more yarn and just end up not using it. I was amazed to find she has actually got her own secret mini stash! I was so proud of her when i pulled the bag out of the cupboard, haha.


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Carolyn said...

How do you manage to get such weird comments on your blog??

I never seem to attract these random nutters!

holly said...

I have no idea!