Sunday, November 27

Back again

I thought I should do a proper update, considering it's been quite a while since I posted anything of any interest. Not that this post will be much different, but I do have knitting photos this time!

First off we have a not-very-good-photo of the Plaited Scarf from Debbie Bliss Home. Such a simple pattern, and so so nice. 3 balls of cashmerino superchunky (one of each colour) done in a 1x1 rib. It's so warm. Not as long as I'd usually make a scarf, but it's just the right lenght to tie up instead of loop through.

There'll be a proper, decent photo when it's daylight again.

I have also done 2 simple hats, one for me and one for my Dad. I made mine and then Dad wanted one, which was quite good because I'd bought 2 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton when I went to Loop with the Knitty ladies, and one hat = one skein. Simple 4x4 rib. There is a photo of Dad and I together wearing our hats but I had to use the flash so every single spot on my face shows up and no one wants to see that. So this one'll have to do.

I'm also half way through a pair of fuzzy feet. I finished cashmere sock number 1 only to realise that despite going up a couple of needle sizes for the cast off, it still came out too tight and I now have to undo it, which will be done probably when I'm off work for christmas and have stopped being in a bad mood with it. I've also finished a simple garter stitch scarf in rowan big tuft which my Mum asked me to knit for her then forgot about, so i'll be giving that to her for christmas. I also have a plan for gloves. I have some fingerless gloves with mitten flaps that I've had for a couple of years now. They're very good for typing and the like, but I still end up with frost bite on my thumb, and spraying de-icer in the morning isn't very easy with mittens. So, instead of knitting a whole new pair of gloves, I'm going to knit fingers for my gloves and sew them on. They'll probably be a different colour, but they'll be interesting, and warm!

And speaking of christmas, I only have 3 more presents to buy, and 2 of them are secret santa presents so will probably end up being chocolate.

In just over a week I'm off to London again to visit Vicky. I've booked the 5th, 6th and 7th off work. On the 5th I'm going to Milton Keynes with Sally. On the 7th I'm in London, and on the 8th I'll be present wrapping.

I'm still waiting for this arctic winter we're supposed to be having. I find it hard to believe it's going to happen when I look on the BBC website and it says it's going to be 11 degrees on Thursday this week!

Oh, and TAKE THAT ARE DOING ANOTHER TOUR! I was so excited I almost peed in my pants when I heard.

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Carolyn said...

Wow, you have been busy. Love that hat!! I wish I'd got some of that when we were at loop (not that I don't have a big enough stash as it is, ahem).

I did wonder who Take That's target audience would be this time around... you must have been a mighty young fan first time ;)