Wednesday, November 9

Most boring day ever?

Today, work went something like this...

6:20am Wake up, get dressed, wash, have breakfast, check internet.
7:09am: Sit in car waiting for it to de-mist, drive to work, sing along to Jamie Cullum.
7:34am: Arrive at work. Turn on computer, make coffee, wait for computer to start up (windows 95 y'know...we're SO technologically advanced at the DVLA that we don't even have an internet connection).
7:50am: Log on to VSS. Realise entire BF diary is done. Read book.
9:30am: Go to post room. Open post.
9:55am: Post is opened (post opening is usually an all day job), send out 1 letter, file 1 microfilm, shred 1 microfilm.
10:05am: Make more coffee, read book.
12:15pm: Lunch.
12:45pm: More coffee, read book.
1:30pm: Take some boxes down to the skip.
1:40pm: More coffee, read book.
3:30pm: Go home.

On the plus side, I have read half of Going Postal by Terry Pratchett in one day - I'm on the phones tomorrow and friday so I'll probably have finished it by saturday!

Last weekend I went over to Olney to The Knit Tin (online store is coming very soon, there's been technical problems!), got myself some Rowan big tuft to make my Mum a scarf, and 2 balls of Noro Kureyon for some more fuzzy feet (last years developed a rather large hole in the heel from wearing them 24/7). Then I came home and ordered 3 balls of Debbie Bliss cashmerino superchunky in 3 different shades of blue, to make the plaited scarf from the new Home book, and 6 balls of Debbie Bliss cotton DK in brown to make the humbug pillow. I really really like the new Home book - there are at least 6 things in it I want to make! The plaited scarf, the humbug pillow, the gloves, the felted tea cozy, the felted bag, 2 different pairs of cabled socks, a cabled bag...just great stuff! And with my Get Knitted order, i got another pen (which is great, because my other one is at work!) and a heart shaped lolly, which i am eating at this very moment.

On sunday I knit about 2 inches of the leg of cashmere sock number 1. I posted a photo of it on the tiny circs a few weeks ago, then when i started the heel realised i had WAY too many stitches, so ripped it all back and started again. I'm quite impressed, it took me weeks and weeks to get to the heel before and this time it took me 1 week to do the foot, 1 night to do the heel, and 1 day to get up to the ribbing. Ribbing shall be done this weekend because my index finger is slightly red.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a lovely day ;-)

Can't wait to see a pic of those cashmere socks
hugs from Petra

Rachy said...

I got a lolly with my Brittany needles from Get Knitted. It confused me.