Friday, November 4

Work has been mind numbingly dull at work this week - it's been so quiet. There has literally been nothing at all to do all week. There were 16 people off today, and a few only doing half a day...and from 2pm onwards I was sitting at my desk doodling on my mousemat. Though I shouldn't complain, this time next week we'll be rushed off our feet because letters go out tomorrow.

Nothing exciting's been happening. Tomorrow I'm going to the opticians (at last), I'll going and see Julie while I'm there as well. On sunday I'm going to the cinema with Nicolarse to see The Corpse Bride - can't wait! I <3 Tim Burton! I've also not seen Nicky in ages, so It'll be good to go out again.

But as my life is so amazingly boring at the moment, i shall come back when i have something more interesting to say.

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diary of a knitknit said...

Please do, I like reading your posts. About the earlier post, it looks like you had a nice holiday in Spain.