Saturday, December 24

Just a short note to say Happy Holidays to everyone, hope you have a good time, and I'll probably post again in the new year.

Wednesday, December 7

Yes, I know, I suck at updating at the moment. I have been busy though, honest. I've had the last few days off work being busy n stuff.

On Saturday I was looking after the ever amusing and oh-so-gorgeous Chloe. We kicked leaves in the garden, drew pretty scribbles, stabbed holes in the paper with the pencil, watched cbeebies, went to Olney to see Dad (Shirley), found the biggest, muddiest puddle possible and jumped in it, getting mud all up her nice cream coat, and spent rather a lot of time jumping on furniture.

On Sunday Annette came over. I taught her how to knit socks in exchange for her teaching me how to use my Aunt's old sewing machine. I was quite amazed. I'd been using Mum's old machine for years for just random sewing but all I ever did was sew in a straight line pretty much, and now I know how to do so much more! The Plan is to make a quilt out of all my old band/gig tshirts that I never wear any more. It'll be interesting to see a) how long it takes me to actually walk down the road and buy the stuff I need from the Poppy Patch, b) how long it takes me to start it once I've got the stuff, and c) how long it takes me to actually finish it.

On Monday I went shopping in Milton Keynes with Sally. I now have all but 1 of my christmas presents brought, and that 1 is Sally's. I've no idea what to get her. We also paid a visit to Hotel Chocolat (which is where i got quite a lot of those last few presents bought). I got myself some praline hot chocolate marbles. I've managed to resist opening them so far...I may do that tonight.

Yesterday I made my way down to London to meet Vicky. We went to Madam Tussauds (we had a load of 2 for 1 vouchers for all the tourist stuff in London) which freaks me out because I keep expecting the models to start moving. We went through the Live chamber of horrors which has people jump out at you and scream and growl and make silence of the lambs type noises right in your face. It is really freaky, we screamed and giggled like 5 year olds all the way through it.

After recovering from that we made out way to lunch. We did happen to stop by a sweet shop in the Trocadero Center on the way though, and I now have a bowl of pure sugar rush and tooth rot sitting next to me.

Lunch was at a place called Ed's (i think), where we had mahoosive burgers, and the best milkshake ever. After that we walked over to Carnaby Street where I was dragged (honestly...dragged...she had to force me to go in) to the Converse shop, and I came out with some amazingly comfortable brown, fleece lined All Star's (I am going to blame Trudie for this because she put the idea of getting some All Star's into my head that morning!)

I think these may be the shoes that finally put my 6 year old Van's into retirement.

After the impulse shopping we went to the London Aquarium. We'd attempted to go a few months earlier but got there just after 5pm so were too late. Spent a couple of hours wondering around, and saw some incredibly weird, ugly, and amusing fish.

So yes, a very productive few days. Today I'm going to finish wrapping christmas/birthday presents and write Christmas cards, and tidy the mess I've made over the last few days for when Ma and Pa get home.

PS: Have you been to The Knit Tin Online Store yet, and spent lots of money? Knit Tins would make great christmas presents for those yet to be converted to the wonders of knitting!

Friday, December 2

I have Take That tickets!!!!!