Sunday, December 24

Yo Ho Ho...

...and all that crap.

So it seems to be christmas eve. I'm at Mum and Dads watching The Big Lebowski, being very grateful I no longer have to listen to Dads guitar playing every day any more!

Tonight is carols on the square, after which I shall come back here and watch crap on TV and go to sleep. I don't do socialising. Looking forward to tomorrow, all the family are coming round for christmas dinner and the usual frivolities.

Now I can't think of anything else to ramble on about, so have a photo of me and my drunk brother instead...

Merry Chritstmas, fuckers.

Saturday, December 16

I haves me a new blog. A blog JUST for photos, without all the inane ramblings.

In Pictures

Click it. Click it click it click it.


Sunday, November 26

So, almost 5 months after the offer was originally accepted, we got the key to my new flat on Friday evening! Dad and I started taking stuff up straight away, and yesterday was spent making it a bit more homely. Three of the seventeen (yes...seventeen) windows have blinds up. Two rugs are down (of course!), the kitchen has all its stuff in (apart from food!) and things are slowly coming together.
Today Dad and Kris are taking an old sofa up there, because I have to wait until around february time for the ones I've ordered to be delivered. I still need to order my washer/dryer. The freezer needs raising up so i can actually open the door. Lots of little things need to be done, really.
The most important thing is getting some blinds and curtains for my bedroom so I can actually start sleeping there. Oh, and taking my bed over, of course!
This morning I left my keys in mums car (flat keys and car keys) and she went off to work with them, so Dad and Kris have driven over to the shop to get them, then gone to get the sofa. So I'm sitting here feeling like a tit with nothing to do!
Anyway, have some photos...

I keep forgetting to take my proper cameras over, so just shitty camera phone photos for now I'm afriad. Can't wait to actually start living there!

Friday, November 10

My first full week at work since coming back from Spain is finally over. It involved doing at least an extra half an hour every day, because I've booked thursday and friday off next week. No, it's not because I can't stand doing a full week of work (though i suppose that is partly to do with it!), it's because Mr Jonathan is coming down from from Scottishland again. This makes me very very happy, because I have missed my badger cuddles.

I finally have a completion date of November 24th for my flat. We're going up there sometime in the next few days to measure up properly to make sure the sofas I want, and the rugs I've chosen etc will fit before buying them. And to generally work out where things are going to go. It's getting more and more real by the day! I'm starting to get just a little bit excited, however there's still a part of me thinking there's bound to be something else come up that means it'll be yet another month before I can move. Despite that, I am actually going to start packing this weekend. All the stuff I've bought recently can go in boxes because it's mainly kitchen stuff that I definately won't use. I'm hoping i'll be able to move some of the boxes out of my bedroom at some point too, but I won't count on that. Still, it would be nice to be able to open my bedroom door properly! So, this weekend i'll be washing all my new towels! Hah.

And just because I don't like posting entries on here without photos, you can all ooh and aww at the cuteness of Mr Dangerous Beans and Mr Curious Toast...

Saturday, November 4

Home Again

I got back from Spain about four days ago now, and I still wish I was back there. The fact it's been about 2 degrees celcuis as I drive to work at 7am, when i've been used to temperatures of about 30 degrees for the last two weeks really doesn't help matters. I had a fantastic time as always. Go-karting, quad biking, off roading, snorkeling, skimming jelly fish (like skimming pebbles, but more fun!), flinging crabs, morning naps with the cutest baby in the world ever, good food, good company and just general awesomeness.

A small selection of photos can be found here, but there's no way I'm uploading all 880+ photos (there's still some on the camera - but 880 is the amount of files I have in my "Spain October 06" folder, and they're just the one's I've kept). I need to put them all on CD for the family at some point.

This weekend will involve sulking at the cold weather and curling up and watching DVDs I think. I feel thoroughly shattered after my 3 days back at work! Hah!

Saturday, October 14

I have had a lovely few days with Mr Jonathan. Drove him to the airport this morning and have spent the rest of the day sulking about the fact Aberdeen is so far away and that four days wasn't any where near long enough.

Hopefully he'll be back soon. Thank god for cheap easyjet flights, is all I say.

Tomorrow morning (the taxi arrives at 2:30am) I'm off to Spain for two whole weeks. Can't wait, I won't want to come back. Muchly looking forward to tasty foods, quad biking, playing in rock pools, reading lots of books, playing with Chloe and Josh, and going to the Alhambra Palace. No doubt lots of photos will be posted when I get back!

Sunday, October 8

Amazingly, my cousin Richard got married yesterday!

The family L-R: Terry, Maddy, Colin, Fiona, Dave, Richard, Katherine, Matt, Dad, Jay, Mum, Oli and Me.

Me and Oli.

Saturday, September 30

My saturday: Wake up at 10am, stay in bed until 12:45pm. Shower, go back to bed for an hour. Get up, clean out rats. Go back to bed, watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and drink tea. Make mango and apple smoothie, go back to bed and watch Ghostbusters.

I love lazy weekends.

Thursday, September 28

Not a very exciting week so far this week. The tattoos are healing nicely, and I am currently having to sit on my hands to stop myself scratching the fuck out of them. I swear the worst part of tattooing is the itching during healing. People who say getting tattooed hurts are pussies wimps, the itching is so much worse! Anyway, scabs are slowly falling off and I'm starting to see what's underneath. It's very exciting!

This seems to have been the week that's never going to end. I can't believe it's STILL not friday. Though friday is tomorrow, and it will be a nice easy day at work. Tomorrow is Bill's last day, he's the first person to ever retire from the CREC so they've put on a surprise party thing for him, and we have the honour of not having to wear uniform (hello, opportunity to show off new tattoos even more!).

This weekend I have turned down the offer of overtime. I got my wage slip today and after tax and and a bigger pension contribution than normal, I've only come out about £70 better off from the overtime I did last month, and I hate overtime that much that I'd rather go without the money. Plus, I get my back dated pay rise AND my bonus in next months pay, so overtime isn't as essential. Instead, I shall spend my Saturday sleeping in, cleaning out the rats and tidying up. I shall have to keep my room tidy for a whole week, because the weekend after is Richard and Katherine's wedding, so there'll be no opportunity to tidy then. Then on the Tuesday after that Mr Jonathan gets here, and I don't want him thinking I'm a complete slob! haha. Wheeee, I'm so excited about him getting here. I need to find somewhere nice to take him out to dinner on his birthday. And get him a present. It shall be an incredibly fun four days :).

Sunday, September 24

I went in expecting to just get the outlines and shading done, but just over two hours later both new tattoos were finished in full colour. Javi is an incredibly artist, and I am over the moon with how they've turned out. I honestly don't think I could be happier!
I was starting to get a bitch twitchy after the second hour. I can hardly sit still for 10 minutes most of the time, let alone two hours, so I kept fidgiting. Apart from that, it was relatively painless and easy going.

(click for a bigger version)

Sunday, September 17

So after yesterdays snoozing I spent the rest of my Saturday chitchatting to Mr Jonathan and being introduced to McBadge.

Sunday has comprised of cleaning out the rats, tidying the living room/kitchen/study/bedroom, several loads of washing, more snoozing, watching crap on TV and playing with the rats. Toast pooed on Mum, I laughed. Plans for the rest of the evening involve steak pie for dinner and being bored. Don't you wish your life was exciting as mine?

One week until tattoos!
Four weeks until Spain!

Saturday, September 16


This morning I went in for four hours overtime. Waking up at 7am on my day off for even more work is possibly the most painful thing in the world. However, if i sit and chant "overtime pays for tattoos" all through those four hours, not only do people leave me the hell alone, it reminds me why I'm there and not curled up in my bed fast asleep.
So, after the worlds slowest four hours I came home and sat in front of my computer. I realised that I don't function well on less than six hours sleep (note to self: stop staying awake until 1am on the phone!) so I went upstairs to watch Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and promptly fell asleep. Three hours later I was woken up by some bloke phoning up to ask if my Dad sold timber. I was tempted to start shouting down the phone "it is FOUR OCLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON! What kind of rediculous time is that to phone someone up and ask if they sell timber?! Fuck off!" but realised this might be a tad unreasonable, so i told him in my best "i am not happy with the fact I have just been woken up" voice that no, we do not sell timber, however if he ever needs a rug we're the people to come to.
I decided that I should really get up, so I have dragged myself out of my nice warm bed and am now drinking tea and watching Scrubs.

The next few weeks promise to be slightly more interesting than overtime, snoozing and timber. Next Saturday I have a two hour appointment with Javi at Tusk to start on my chest piece (that's the first time i've actually referred to it as a chest piece and it seems weird, but i guess that's what it is!) and I seriously can not wait. It's going to be awesome. He's the guy that's doing Vicky's sleeve and whenever I see her after she's had more work I am amazed by how good it looks! I will soon have my very own amazingly gorgeous work too :)
As well as tattoos, I'm hoping to be moved in to my new flat by the end of the month, so the weekend after that may well be taken up with packing my life in to boxes and moving it across the village!
The weekend after that is my cousins wedding so I have a weekend in London. The last wedding I went to was Ruth and John's, and I was about 14 (Ruth, what year did you get married?!) and that was also the last time I wore a skirt. No, i'm not wearing a skirt to this wedding, but it's still a wedding. I need to find posh clothes (read: not jeans and a black top).
I'm hoping that October 11th will be the day Sir Jonathantrousers comes down from Aberdeen to see me for a few days. I am trying not to nag about booking flights, but I am a nagging person it seems. I'm just paranoid that the price of the flights is going to go up, and he won't be able to come down. But hopefully there will be four fun filled days with Lord Badger, whether it be in the Shoebox or here, and I can't wait to see him. I promised him I will make a sign saying "Lord Badger" for when i pick him up at the airport, haha.
October 15th I fly out to Spain, and will be there for two whole weeks (and a day) and I shall be incredibly happy and spend all my time sitting on the beach, looking for crabs and eating the worlds tasiest red peppers and chorizo. Woo!

So yes. Life is looking rather good at the moment. If you managed to read all the way down to here with no pictures to break it up, i commend you. Have a cookie.

Saturday, September 9

I had a phone call from the estate agents the other day and have been told everything is ready at the flat. We've had a copy of the lease, and providing everything goes smoothly and there's no hiccups with the solicitors I should be moving in by the end of the month!
So now I know I'll actually be moving fairly soon, I'm going to spend my day packing! I have (some) empty boxes (need more, actually), and a bedroom/study/living room full of crap. Bedroom shouldn't be too bad. It's mostly clothes and books. Study is going to be fun, because after I packed everything last time it ended up getting unpacked and thrown all over the floor because I needed to use stuff I'd put in the bottom of the boxes. Living room is all knitting stuff which will be easy peasy to pack up. It'll be lots of fun, and involve playing loud music and dancing around and getting over excited about moving I'm sure. Mum and Dad went to see the flat yesterday - the dip in the bedroom floor is fixed and the washing machine will fit because the guys building it are going to take the door frame off and fit it for us. I need to get going on my shopping list again, decide what kind of blinds (for all 17 windows) I want, get things like a kettle and a toaster (Vicky has told me about an awesome sounding toaster in Foyles that I want want want!). Oh, and furniture and stuff like that, of course. And a TV (I want a 32" Sony Bravia but I think £999 is slightly above my price range). Roll on pay day! haha.

Tomorrow I'm going down to London to see Vicky (and possibly dragging Nicky along too but he's too hungover to make a decision at the moment!). We shall be going to Tusk and I shall be booking a tattoo appointment and getting all giddy and overexcited.

Monday, September 4

Damn, Steve Irwin died. Dude was a legend!

Sunday, August 27

More Ratties

The rats are doing well. They seem a lot more relaxed now and have been coming out of their bed a bit more. Beans seems to have worked out that there are two levels in the cage and I saw him climb up there on his own this morning. Blondie has now been named Curious Toast, so we have Beans and Toast. They like to nest in my hair. It tickles...

I went down to London to see Vicky yesterday and finally got to meet her other half, Will. I also got to meet their friend Kin. Vicky and I went to The Bodies Exhibition in the morning, which was morbidly facinating. They all seemed to have their eyebrows stuck back on, whether or not they have any other skin. Very creepy. After that we went to Ed's Diner for lunch, and stopped off at Picadilly Circus station on the way to play in the photo booth...

We then headed across town to meet Will and Kin at the Museum of London. It wasn't particularly interesting, but Vicky and I found various ways to amuse ourselves while the boys looked all serious. We then went to refuel with coffee and cupcakes at Starbucks.

After that we wondered round for a while. Will and Vicky jumping around on DDR, me getting told off for having my camera out in the arcade, Vicky and I sitting around in Soho Square while Will and Kin went to check out some computer shops. We walked around Soho and went for some very nice Sushi in a place that looked strangely like someones house.

Wonderful day, as always. Today I'm going to be playing with the rats and chilling out. Only two more days left of my week off!

Friday, August 25


So, I went over to riverside today, and we went in to Pets at Home. I seem to have come back with two 10 week old Rats.
May I introduce, Mr Blondie (temporary name, don't worry) and Mr Dangerous Beans...


Dangerous Beans:

Beans has curly whiskers, which makes him rediculously adorable and cute and "aww"ish. Blondie is, obviously, blonde, and has red eyes. He reminds me of the rat I had when I was 7, Daffodil, which makes me love him even more.
They are currently exploring (ie, sleeping and pooing in) their new home, and seem very content and happy.
Proper name suggestions for Blondie are needed!

Wednesday, August 23


Dad forgot the keys to the warehouse so I drove them over to the shop. Found some ripe and incredibly tasty black berries growing in the car park out the back.

Came home and picked a load from the hedge in the front garden - I need a ladder to reach some really tasty looking ones quite high up. Either that or I'll go for a walk around summer leys with a bag because I saw loads of almost-ripe ones last time I went there. It just needs to stop raining really!

Tuesday, August 22

Part timer...

I have a whole week off work. How great is that? Ok, so originally I booked it off because I hoped I'd be moving this week, but that won't be happening for a while yet so I'm having a week off chilling out, just because I can. It's either that or no days off at all until about the end of September!

I finally got around to editing the photos of Ruth's birthday party. Her cake was a huge pile of doughnuts with candles stuck in them which was incredibly cool!

I shall be putting all the photos on to CD tomorrow and I'll put them in the post. It was a good party!

Things to keep me entertained for the next week involve printing off photos to send to Shelley, taking my new camera for a walk to test it out somewhere other than the garden, design and build myself a new website and look in to buying my own domain. I'm thinking of just setting up a photo blog, I'm better at the photo taking than the writing. I'll take a couple of photos over to Olney as well to see how much it'll cost to get them framed, then I'll remember I'm not supposed to be spending any more money at the moment.
That's all I can think of to do for the next week at the moment, but I'm sure i'll find other ways to occupy my time!

Sunday, August 20

New toy...

I really need to stop spending money.

My new mobile's arriving this week too, but that's kind of an essential item considering how I'm about to throw my RAZR out the window with frustration. (And yes, that is essential. I can't cope without my technology).

Sunday, August 13

When was the last time I actually mentioned anything knitting related on here? Anyway, for the first time in about a year I actually did some knitting today. I'd put photos up, but that would involve getting up, finding my camera, and actually taking the photos, and I can't be bothered. It's not that exciting. It's a red 4x4 rib "sock" for a friends camera in rowan summer tweed. Ir's her birthday next week so it'll go with the other bits I've got her!

Only a week left of work before I have a week off. I originally booked it off hoping it would be the week I move, but it looks like that may be another month or so now. Ah well, I'm having the time off anyway because time off is GOOD. I'm sure I'll find something to amuse myself with!

I'm still grinning from seeing The Cat Empire, even thought it was over a week ago now. All that's been coming out of my Ipod for the last week is them, or The Ross Irwin Soul Special. There is no better band in the world than The Cat Empire. You should all listen to them. In fact, because I know 99% of the people that read this (does anyone still read this?) won't actually bother clicking any of those links, just watch this video and be amazed at their awesomeness...

Now don't you just want to go out and buy all their albums? I know you do!

Today is my cousins 30th birthday party, so I have been instructed by mother to make food, and I also need to shower. No doubt photos will follow.

Saturday, August 5

Best ever.

Best band in the world. Ever
Last night: Best gig in the world. Ever.

I want to see them again. Tonight. Now. Please? Anyone have a floor I can crash on in Edinburgh next weekend? Wait...anyone have spare tickets to see them at the Edinburgh Festival next weekend?
That's it, I'm moving to Australia.

Wednesday, July 26

Friday, July 14

A day in Nottingham...

Sitting under trees, trying not to fall asleep, playing with super macro, lunch at wagamamas, watching a ferrari get a parking ticket, and lots of blisters from new shoes. Nottingham with James is fun.

Thursday, July 6

I'm moving!

Yes indeedy, I'm moving in to my very own flat! We put an offer in on Monday and it was accepted pretty much straight away. It's an old shoe factory in the village that's been converted into 3 flats. The ground floor is garages, my flat is on the 1st floor. 2 double bedrooms, a big bathroom, and an open plan kitchen/living area. It's only just been finished, and the other two still aren't quite done yet, so everything's new and shiney. The kitchen is gorgeous, it has LOADS of windows (about 23 in the whole flat I think - i wonder if i can get a discount on blinds for buying in bulk?!). Details are online here. I seriously can not WAIT to start moving in! I'm already planning how to decorate, what furniture i want, what's going to go where, and who's coming to my flat warming parties! (Yes, plural. I know FAR too many people to just have one!).

Sunday, July 2

It's far too hot, so I'm spending my sunday sitting in bed with the fan on full blast watching Pirates Of The Caribbean on DVD.
i <3 wireless internet
i <3 johnny depp

Sundays are great, it's just a shame they have to be followed by Mondays really. I might have to see if i can scrape enough flexi together for a day off this week, or at least half a day (i'll never get back to 0 if i carry on like this!).
According to the good ol' BBC it's supposed to reach 34 degrees on thursday, that's just crazy. If it's going to be this hot I want to be sitting on a beach in Spain looking out at this...

...i definately don't want to be stuck in the worlds most boring office with windows that don't open. Ah well, thank god for air conditioning.

A year ago today I was sitting in Hyde Park with my Mum for Live 8. I can't believe it's already been a year! That means it's also almost a year since i started my job, which is even more insane.

Anyway, back to Mr Depp and his pirateness...

Tuesday, June 20

For some reason, people don't believe me when I tell them getting tattooed relaxes me. I could have easily sat there for another hour or two! Next time I'll have to get something bigger so it lasts longer.

If you want to know why I have a 4 inch "a" on my back, click here.

Sunday, June 11

Weeks are spent working, nothing to write about.

Weekends are spent having fun with some of my favourite people, having too much of a good time to write about it.

Yesterday in London with Vicky - ice cream in covent garden, feeding ducks/squirrels/pigeons (Geoffery!) in the park, walking very s l o w l y, booking a tattoo appointment for a week tomorrow, realised lady in Tusk was first person who ever spoke to me on IAM, even though she's not on there any more!

Next weekend, possibly staying at Damians sunday night and heading in to town the next day for tattoo appointment. Possibly going to Kew Gardens with Vicky at some point. Hoping Nicky can come one day too.

For the rest of today, i'm going to watch crap on TV and eat cherries.

Wednesday, May 10

Went to see Take That last night. It was fucking AWESOME!

Saturday, April 29

So last saturday I ended up going to the pub again. I may also be doing the same tonight...I seem to have developed some kind of social life. It's weird.
The last week has been rather unexciting. Work is quiet again because it's the end of the month, but i'm not going to complain about that.

I kept up my run of not working full weeks, I had half a day on wednesday and all day thursday off. Went down to London wednesday afternoon to see D. We drove around listening to music and chatting for a while. He put about 300 new tracks on my new ipod for me, plus 4 episodes of Life On Mars, and about 20 homestar runner cartoons. That kept me entertained on the train on the way home! Thursday involved a lot of lazing around doing nothing. We watched The Apprentice and cheered when that cocky arsehole got fired. Also was amused probably more than is normal by the lights...

So yeah, that's about everything that i've been doing. My copy of the new Cat Empire album arrived in the post today so I shall be sitting and listening to that all day today!

Saturday, April 22

So, what have I been up to since I last updated? When did I last update anyway?

Ah yes. So on saturday last week Vicky came up from London. We went out for chinese with Sal, Steve, Sarah, Jay and Nicky then went to a couple of pubs for drinks. It was a good night despite the fact I felt like shit after someone gave me their cold!

After driving Vicky to the train station on sunday morning I decided to go back to bed for a while, so turned on Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and promptly fell fast asleep for about 4 hours. Fantastic. Later on that day all the family came over as well, which was lots of fun.

I spent monday doing as little as possible, to make the most of the last day before going back to work. And going back to work really did suck. Despite the fact it was only a 4 day week it dragged so SO much, it's like going back to school after the summer holidays. Ok, so maybe it wasn't that bad, work is usually a bit of a laugh. it's Saturday again. Plans for today involve having a shower at some point, and going to see Sally at the pub this afternoon. I may also watch Ghostbusters II.

Next week I intend to keep up my run of not working full weeks, I have 1 and half days privilege holiday to take so I'm going to take them next week and go down to London to see D again as he'll have finished his job by then and still has the flat for another 2 weeks before moving down to Kent (fucking KENT!). The week after that I have monday off because it's a bank holiday. And the week after that I have three days off and I'm going to see Take That! So hurrah for never doing a full weeks work! I love my job really, haha.

Friday, April 14

Home Again...

Spain was fantastic. Best birthday EVER. Being 21 doesn't really feel much different to being 20, but it sounds better! I have the best friends in the world...

In other fantastic news, my cousin had a baby boy, Joshua, on April 10th! He's adorable!

So I got back from Spain on tuesday to some wonderfully wet and miserable weather after a week of fantastic sun. It's so depressing coming home, I'm just glad I still had another week off work! (I go back on Tuesday next week.) On wednesday I got the train down to London to see D. Had a great evening watching crap TV, listening to good music, and eating pizza! Came home thursday and was thoroughly bored.
Today, I woke up at 9am, came downstairs to find my laptop had had a major hissy fit so went and did some knitting (yes! It's true! I actually did some knitting for once!) then got bored of that and went back to bed and read my book until 2:30pm.
I eventually decided I should get up and get dressed, so I cleared out the spare room as Vicky is coming to stay tomorrow and a group of us are going out for chinese.
Then Dad got home and fixed my laptop, and I drove Ma and Pa in to town. Now, I'm going to go and either watch some more crap on TV and knit, or phone D. It's more likely to be the latter, if he answers his phone!

Friday, March 31

I managed to be a complete moron and trip down the steps in the car park at work this morning, and I have a feeling the bottom of my back is going to be a nice shade of purple tomorrow. It didn't even hurt until I got in my car this afternoon to go home.

Work has been very slow. I made a chicken disguise for the stuffed rabbit toy on my desk for easter (there's a "make a chicken" competition for some odd reason so I improvised and made it a "make a chicken disguise"). I almost finished my book (Douglas Adams is a genius, I'm reading Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and it's fantastic). I spent some of the afternoon chatting to Damian whilst waiting for a manager to come out of the meeting to sign my refund forms. I had a fantastic time reminding everyone that as of today I have 2 weeks and 1 day off work, that I'm flying to Spain on monday, and that it's my 21st on Wednesday! So I managed to make them feel jealous, cold, and old all in one go! (There's only 2 people younger than me in the office, and that's only be a few months).

So yes, Spain on monday. I seriously can not wait! It's going to be fantastic. Tomorrow and Sunday I had to do lots of washing and packing, and shorten my brown trousers.

Oli got his finals results yesterday, my brother is a fcking Doctor! MY brother. A Doctor! Very very weird, but i'm proud of him! He flew off to the Solomon Islands yesterday after getting his results and is going to be out there Doctoring for 2 months. I had an email from him today whilst he was sitting in an airport in Japan waiting for his connection to Australia, where he'll get on another plane to reach the islands. He won't get there until Sunday evening. 3 whole days of travelling I don't envy. The destination I do!

Now, I'm going to go and sit on our new sofa and enjoy the fact our wireless internet connection is finally working!

Sunday, March 26

Good things that are happening soon...

Tomorrow I'm going to see The Producers with Ma, Pa and Brother.
Tuesday I'm going to london again to see D.
A week tomorrow I'm flying off to Spain.
A week wednesday is my 21st birthday.
And sometime soon Ruth is having a baby!

The next few weeks should be great :)

Sunday, March 19

More Shameless Promotion

I have two spare tickets for the Take That reunion tour which are now up for sale On Ebay. They're for Tuesday May 9th at Wembley Arena.

Want some yarn?

I've had a yarn clear out. Want some yarn? Make me an offer. It's all listed here on the Knitty Coffeeshop.

Sunday, March 5

So today I got my 6000th hit. That's some crazy shit. (Hey, I'm a poet!)
I can't believe people still read this when I haven't posted in crap knows how long! But my IAM account expires tomorrow so there is every possibility that this will be updated more. That is, until I get access to a visa/mastercard to renew my membership. Maybe I should give in and get a credit card, JUST for renewing my IAM membership every 6 months.

Life has been funish. Lots of work, but also lots of days off. Going to Spain 4 weeks tomorrow, and I can't wait. Two and half weeks off work! (Though only a week and a day of that will be spent in Spain.) My room is looking great with my new bed, new bookcases etc. I need a flat screen TV now so I can throw out the unwanted furniture! And to re-wire my stereo.
I also need to set up the wireless internet access on my laptop. The new sofas for in this room get delievered in a couple of weeks so I have a feeling Dad'll be in here a lot more, with the TV up louder and is comfortable for most human ears. And my Ipod only just drowns that out at full volume.
I'm having my hair cut a week tomorrow, for the first time in about 2 years. I'm actually quite looking forward to it. It definatly needs doing, and maybe brushing my hair won't be as painful for a couple of months!

Went to the wedding reception of a girl I work with with Nicky last night. There seemed to be a work people corner, which was quite funny. I'm so glad Nicky was there though, it would have been unbearable otherwise!

Still house hunting. Still getting rather depressed about not being able to afford anything. Still getting frustrated that Mum and Dad say they want to help but then don't seem to give a flying crap when I try and talk to them about it.

I haven't picked up a pair of knitting needles for months, but I have to finish a pair of socks for Netty as she broke her wrist. I really should get going on them. I did go and see Julie for the first time in ages yesterday though, and I am now determined to pick up the needles again. Though maybe next weekend.

Yes, well that's about it from me for now. Ta ta.

Thursday, February 9

I'm still here. I've been busy 'nd stuff.

Last weekend was spent going out for Steve's birthday and going to see Ben Elton.
The weekend before was spent visiting a good friend in London and seeing my Grandpa in a dress.
My memory doesn't stretch back to the weekend before that.

This weekend I have the house to myself (Ma and Pa in Scotland) and my new bed is being delivered.

In between all that it's been the usual work 'nd stuff.

Not very exciting, really.

Saturday, January 14

Yes I'm a slacker, we all know it. I'm such a slacker that I've not done a full weeks work since before christmas, and I have this monday off as well! I <3 flexitime.

Not much has been happening around here. I've done a lot of sleeping - I like to sleep. Not much knitting I'm afriad. I started another sock though. I've completely ignored the cashmere one with the too-tight cast off until I find more knitting motivation.

I have been listening to This Band a lot constantly, and singing along and dancing and generally being happy extatic that I have discovered a band that HMV and Virgin Megastore in milton keynes have never heard of, and that Amazon are going to take over a month to send me the albums of becuase they have to walk here aaaall the way from Australia. Ok, it would probably be faster if I sent Ellie a text message and asked her to pick them up for me considering she's over there at the moment, but that would just be far too easy.

Today I have a sore throat so I'm going to walk down to the pop in and get some strepsils and some milk (the milk has nothing to do with the sore throat, it has to do with the fact we have no milk in the fridge). Then I shall walk down the road and be nosey because there's a house for sale down there that I like. Then I shall come back here and do something equally boring, no doubt. Tomorrow I might entertain myself by dying my hair.

Anyway, I need to see a man about a bed...

(don't be rude).

Sunday, January 1

So, I spent new years eve sleeping. Can't think of a better way to spend it, parties are so over rated and there's nothing worse than midnight coming and then having to go around hugging loads of sweaty old people that you don't particularly like.

I bought myself a christmas present the other day.

Hope you all had a good christmas and new years etc. Here's hoping 2006 is better than 2005.