Saturday, January 14

Yes I'm a slacker, we all know it. I'm such a slacker that I've not done a full weeks work since before christmas, and I have this monday off as well! I <3 flexitime.

Not much has been happening around here. I've done a lot of sleeping - I like to sleep. Not much knitting I'm afriad. I started another sock though. I've completely ignored the cashmere one with the too-tight cast off until I find more knitting motivation.

I have been listening to This Band a lot constantly, and singing along and dancing and generally being happy extatic that I have discovered a band that HMV and Virgin Megastore in milton keynes have never heard of, and that Amazon are going to take over a month to send me the albums of becuase they have to walk here aaaall the way from Australia. Ok, it would probably be faster if I sent Ellie a text message and asked her to pick them up for me considering she's over there at the moment, but that would just be far too easy.

Today I have a sore throat so I'm going to walk down to the pop in and get some strepsils and some milk (the milk has nothing to do with the sore throat, it has to do with the fact we have no milk in the fridge). Then I shall walk down the road and be nosey because there's a house for sale down there that I like. Then I shall come back here and do something equally boring, no doubt. Tomorrow I might entertain myself by dying my hair.

Anyway, I need to see a man about a bed...

(don't be rude).

Sunday, January 1

So, I spent new years eve sleeping. Can't think of a better way to spend it, parties are so over rated and there's nothing worse than midnight coming and then having to go around hugging loads of sweaty old people that you don't particularly like.

I bought myself a christmas present the other day.

Hope you all had a good christmas and new years etc. Here's hoping 2006 is better than 2005.