Friday, March 31

I managed to be a complete moron and trip down the steps in the car park at work this morning, and I have a feeling the bottom of my back is going to be a nice shade of purple tomorrow. It didn't even hurt until I got in my car this afternoon to go home.

Work has been very slow. I made a chicken disguise for the stuffed rabbit toy on my desk for easter (there's a "make a chicken" competition for some odd reason so I improvised and made it a "make a chicken disguise"). I almost finished my book (Douglas Adams is a genius, I'm reading Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and it's fantastic). I spent some of the afternoon chatting to Damian whilst waiting for a manager to come out of the meeting to sign my refund forms. I had a fantastic time reminding everyone that as of today I have 2 weeks and 1 day off work, that I'm flying to Spain on monday, and that it's my 21st on Wednesday! So I managed to make them feel jealous, cold, and old all in one go! (There's only 2 people younger than me in the office, and that's only be a few months).

So yes, Spain on monday. I seriously can not wait! It's going to be fantastic. Tomorrow and Sunday I had to do lots of washing and packing, and shorten my brown trousers.

Oli got his finals results yesterday, my brother is a fcking Doctor! MY brother. A Doctor! Very very weird, but i'm proud of him! He flew off to the Solomon Islands yesterday after getting his results and is going to be out there Doctoring for 2 months. I had an email from him today whilst he was sitting in an airport in Japan waiting for his connection to Australia, where he'll get on another plane to reach the islands. He won't get there until Sunday evening. 3 whole days of travelling I don't envy. The destination I do!

Now, I'm going to go and sit on our new sofa and enjoy the fact our wireless internet connection is finally working!

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