Saturday, April 29

So last saturday I ended up going to the pub again. I may also be doing the same tonight...I seem to have developed some kind of social life. It's weird.
The last week has been rather unexciting. Work is quiet again because it's the end of the month, but i'm not going to complain about that.

I kept up my run of not working full weeks, I had half a day on wednesday and all day thursday off. Went down to London wednesday afternoon to see D. We drove around listening to music and chatting for a while. He put about 300 new tracks on my new ipod for me, plus 4 episodes of Life On Mars, and about 20 homestar runner cartoons. That kept me entertained on the train on the way home! Thursday involved a lot of lazing around doing nothing. We watched The Apprentice and cheered when that cocky arsehole got fired. Also was amused probably more than is normal by the lights...

So yeah, that's about everything that i've been doing. My copy of the new Cat Empire album arrived in the post today so I shall be sitting and listening to that all day today!

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