Tuesday, June 20

For some reason, people don't believe me when I tell them getting tattooed relaxes me. I could have easily sat there for another hour or two! Next time I'll have to get something bigger so it lasts longer.

If you want to know why I have a 4 inch "a" on my back, click here.

Sunday, June 11

Weeks are spent working, nothing to write about.

Weekends are spent having fun with some of my favourite people, having too much of a good time to write about it.

Yesterday in London with Vicky - ice cream in covent garden, feeding ducks/squirrels/pigeons (Geoffery!) in the park, walking very s l o w l y, booking a tattoo appointment for a week tomorrow, realised lady in Tusk was first person who ever spoke to me on IAM, even though she's not on there any more!

Next weekend, possibly staying at Damians sunday night and heading in to town the next day for tattoo appointment. Possibly going to Kew Gardens with Vicky at some point. Hoping Nicky can come one day too.

For the rest of today, i'm going to watch crap on TV and eat cherries.