Thursday, July 6

I'm moving!

Yes indeedy, I'm moving in to my very own flat! We put an offer in on Monday and it was accepted pretty much straight away. It's an old shoe factory in the village that's been converted into 3 flats. The ground floor is garages, my flat is on the 1st floor. 2 double bedrooms, a big bathroom, and an open plan kitchen/living area. It's only just been finished, and the other two still aren't quite done yet, so everything's new and shiney. The kitchen is gorgeous, it has LOADS of windows (about 23 in the whole flat I think - i wonder if i can get a discount on blinds for buying in bulk?!). Details are online here. I seriously can not WAIT to start moving in! I'm already planning how to decorate, what furniture i want, what's going to go where, and who's coming to my flat warming parties! (Yes, plural. I know FAR too many people to just have one!).

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glittrgirl said...

How very exciting!

Good luck!