Sunday, July 2

It's far too hot, so I'm spending my sunday sitting in bed with the fan on full blast watching Pirates Of The Caribbean on DVD.
i <3 wireless internet
i <3 johnny depp

Sundays are great, it's just a shame they have to be followed by Mondays really. I might have to see if i can scrape enough flexi together for a day off this week, or at least half a day (i'll never get back to 0 if i carry on like this!).
According to the good ol' BBC it's supposed to reach 34 degrees on thursday, that's just crazy. If it's going to be this hot I want to be sitting on a beach in Spain looking out at this...

...i definately don't want to be stuck in the worlds most boring office with windows that don't open. Ah well, thank god for air conditioning.

A year ago today I was sitting in Hyde Park with my Mum for Live 8. I can't believe it's already been a year! That means it's also almost a year since i started my job, which is even more insane.

Anyway, back to Mr Depp and his pirateness...

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