Sunday, August 27

More Ratties

The rats are doing well. They seem a lot more relaxed now and have been coming out of their bed a bit more. Beans seems to have worked out that there are two levels in the cage and I saw him climb up there on his own this morning. Blondie has now been named Curious Toast, so we have Beans and Toast. They like to nest in my hair. It tickles...

I went down to London to see Vicky yesterday and finally got to meet her other half, Will. I also got to meet their friend Kin. Vicky and I went to The Bodies Exhibition in the morning, which was morbidly facinating. They all seemed to have their eyebrows stuck back on, whether or not they have any other skin. Very creepy. After that we went to Ed's Diner for lunch, and stopped off at Picadilly Circus station on the way to play in the photo booth...

We then headed across town to meet Will and Kin at the Museum of London. It wasn't particularly interesting, but Vicky and I found various ways to amuse ourselves while the boys looked all serious. We then went to refuel with coffee and cupcakes at Starbucks.

After that we wondered round for a while. Will and Vicky jumping around on DDR, me getting told off for having my camera out in the arcade, Vicky and I sitting around in Soho Square while Will and Kin went to check out some computer shops. We walked around Soho and went for some very nice Sushi in a place that looked strangely like someones house.

Wonderful day, as always. Today I'm going to be playing with the rats and chilling out. Only two more days left of my week off!

Friday, August 25


So, I went over to riverside today, and we went in to Pets at Home. I seem to have come back with two 10 week old Rats.
May I introduce, Mr Blondie (temporary name, don't worry) and Mr Dangerous Beans...


Dangerous Beans:

Beans has curly whiskers, which makes him rediculously adorable and cute and "aww"ish. Blondie is, obviously, blonde, and has red eyes. He reminds me of the rat I had when I was 7, Daffodil, which makes me love him even more.
They are currently exploring (ie, sleeping and pooing in) their new home, and seem very content and happy.
Proper name suggestions for Blondie are needed!

Wednesday, August 23


Dad forgot the keys to the warehouse so I drove them over to the shop. Found some ripe and incredibly tasty black berries growing in the car park out the back.

Came home and picked a load from the hedge in the front garden - I need a ladder to reach some really tasty looking ones quite high up. Either that or I'll go for a walk around summer leys with a bag because I saw loads of almost-ripe ones last time I went there. It just needs to stop raining really!

Tuesday, August 22

Part timer...

I have a whole week off work. How great is that? Ok, so originally I booked it off because I hoped I'd be moving this week, but that won't be happening for a while yet so I'm having a week off chilling out, just because I can. It's either that or no days off at all until about the end of September!

I finally got around to editing the photos of Ruth's birthday party. Her cake was a huge pile of doughnuts with candles stuck in them which was incredibly cool!

I shall be putting all the photos on to CD tomorrow and I'll put them in the post. It was a good party!

Things to keep me entertained for the next week involve printing off photos to send to Shelley, taking my new camera for a walk to test it out somewhere other than the garden, design and build myself a new website and look in to buying my own domain. I'm thinking of just setting up a photo blog, I'm better at the photo taking than the writing. I'll take a couple of photos over to Olney as well to see how much it'll cost to get them framed, then I'll remember I'm not supposed to be spending any more money at the moment.
That's all I can think of to do for the next week at the moment, but I'm sure i'll find other ways to occupy my time!

Sunday, August 20

New toy...

I really need to stop spending money.

My new mobile's arriving this week too, but that's kind of an essential item considering how I'm about to throw my RAZR out the window with frustration. (And yes, that is essential. I can't cope without my technology).

Sunday, August 13

When was the last time I actually mentioned anything knitting related on here? Anyway, for the first time in about a year I actually did some knitting today. I'd put photos up, but that would involve getting up, finding my camera, and actually taking the photos, and I can't be bothered. It's not that exciting. It's a red 4x4 rib "sock" for a friends camera in rowan summer tweed. Ir's her birthday next week so it'll go with the other bits I've got her!

Only a week left of work before I have a week off. I originally booked it off hoping it would be the week I move, but it looks like that may be another month or so now. Ah well, I'm having the time off anyway because time off is GOOD. I'm sure I'll find something to amuse myself with!

I'm still grinning from seeing The Cat Empire, even thought it was over a week ago now. All that's been coming out of my Ipod for the last week is them, or The Ross Irwin Soul Special. There is no better band in the world than The Cat Empire. You should all listen to them. In fact, because I know 99% of the people that read this (does anyone still read this?) won't actually bother clicking any of those links, just watch this video and be amazed at their awesomeness...

Now don't you just want to go out and buy all their albums? I know you do!

Today is my cousins 30th birthday party, so I have been instructed by mother to make food, and I also need to shower. No doubt photos will follow.

Saturday, August 5

Best ever.

Best band in the world. Ever
Last night: Best gig in the world. Ever.

I want to see them again. Tonight. Now. Please? Anyone have a floor I can crash on in Edinburgh next weekend? Wait...anyone have spare tickets to see them at the Edinburgh Festival next weekend?
That's it, I'm moving to Australia.