Friday, August 25


So, I went over to riverside today, and we went in to Pets at Home. I seem to have come back with two 10 week old Rats.
May I introduce, Mr Blondie (temporary name, don't worry) and Mr Dangerous Beans...


Dangerous Beans:

Beans has curly whiskers, which makes him rediculously adorable and cute and "aww"ish. Blondie is, obviously, blonde, and has red eyes. He reminds me of the rat I had when I was 7, Daffodil, which makes me love him even more.
They are currently exploring (ie, sleeping and pooing in) their new home, and seem very content and happy.
Proper name suggestions for Blondie are needed!


OldLadyPenPal said...

i think mr blonde has a nice resevoir dogs feel to it. yeah!

peri said...

Oh Holly - they are so lovely. I still miss my ratty boys. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Can't think of any good names - I think you need to let his personality shine through a bit first.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

I take it you are a Jarvis fan????