Saturday, September 30

My saturday: Wake up at 10am, stay in bed until 12:45pm. Shower, go back to bed for an hour. Get up, clean out rats. Go back to bed, watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and drink tea. Make mango and apple smoothie, go back to bed and watch Ghostbusters.

I love lazy weekends.

Thursday, September 28

Not a very exciting week so far this week. The tattoos are healing nicely, and I am currently having to sit on my hands to stop myself scratching the fuck out of them. I swear the worst part of tattooing is the itching during healing. People who say getting tattooed hurts are pussies wimps, the itching is so much worse! Anyway, scabs are slowly falling off and I'm starting to see what's underneath. It's very exciting!

This seems to have been the week that's never going to end. I can't believe it's STILL not friday. Though friday is tomorrow, and it will be a nice easy day at work. Tomorrow is Bill's last day, he's the first person to ever retire from the CREC so they've put on a surprise party thing for him, and we have the honour of not having to wear uniform (hello, opportunity to show off new tattoos even more!).

This weekend I have turned down the offer of overtime. I got my wage slip today and after tax and and a bigger pension contribution than normal, I've only come out about £70 better off from the overtime I did last month, and I hate overtime that much that I'd rather go without the money. Plus, I get my back dated pay rise AND my bonus in next months pay, so overtime isn't as essential. Instead, I shall spend my Saturday sleeping in, cleaning out the rats and tidying up. I shall have to keep my room tidy for a whole week, because the weekend after is Richard and Katherine's wedding, so there'll be no opportunity to tidy then. Then on the Tuesday after that Mr Jonathan gets here, and I don't want him thinking I'm a complete slob! haha. Wheeee, I'm so excited about him getting here. I need to find somewhere nice to take him out to dinner on his birthday. And get him a present. It shall be an incredibly fun four days :).

Sunday, September 24

I went in expecting to just get the outlines and shading done, but just over two hours later both new tattoos were finished in full colour. Javi is an incredibly artist, and I am over the moon with how they've turned out. I honestly don't think I could be happier!
I was starting to get a bitch twitchy after the second hour. I can hardly sit still for 10 minutes most of the time, let alone two hours, so I kept fidgiting. Apart from that, it was relatively painless and easy going.

(click for a bigger version)

Sunday, September 17

So after yesterdays snoozing I spent the rest of my Saturday chitchatting to Mr Jonathan and being introduced to McBadge.

Sunday has comprised of cleaning out the rats, tidying the living room/kitchen/study/bedroom, several loads of washing, more snoozing, watching crap on TV and playing with the rats. Toast pooed on Mum, I laughed. Plans for the rest of the evening involve steak pie for dinner and being bored. Don't you wish your life was exciting as mine?

One week until tattoos!
Four weeks until Spain!

Saturday, September 16


This morning I went in for four hours overtime. Waking up at 7am on my day off for even more work is possibly the most painful thing in the world. However, if i sit and chant "overtime pays for tattoos" all through those four hours, not only do people leave me the hell alone, it reminds me why I'm there and not curled up in my bed fast asleep.
So, after the worlds slowest four hours I came home and sat in front of my computer. I realised that I don't function well on less than six hours sleep (note to self: stop staying awake until 1am on the phone!) so I went upstairs to watch Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and promptly fell asleep. Three hours later I was woken up by some bloke phoning up to ask if my Dad sold timber. I was tempted to start shouting down the phone "it is FOUR OCLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON! What kind of rediculous time is that to phone someone up and ask if they sell timber?! Fuck off!" but realised this might be a tad unreasonable, so i told him in my best "i am not happy with the fact I have just been woken up" voice that no, we do not sell timber, however if he ever needs a rug we're the people to come to.
I decided that I should really get up, so I have dragged myself out of my nice warm bed and am now drinking tea and watching Scrubs.

The next few weeks promise to be slightly more interesting than overtime, snoozing and timber. Next Saturday I have a two hour appointment with Javi at Tusk to start on my chest piece (that's the first time i've actually referred to it as a chest piece and it seems weird, but i guess that's what it is!) and I seriously can not wait. It's going to be awesome. He's the guy that's doing Vicky's sleeve and whenever I see her after she's had more work I am amazed by how good it looks! I will soon have my very own amazingly gorgeous work too :)
As well as tattoos, I'm hoping to be moved in to my new flat by the end of the month, so the weekend after that may well be taken up with packing my life in to boxes and moving it across the village!
The weekend after that is my cousins wedding so I have a weekend in London. The last wedding I went to was Ruth and John's, and I was about 14 (Ruth, what year did you get married?!) and that was also the last time I wore a skirt. No, i'm not wearing a skirt to this wedding, but it's still a wedding. I need to find posh clothes (read: not jeans and a black top).
I'm hoping that October 11th will be the day Sir Jonathantrousers comes down from Aberdeen to see me for a few days. I am trying not to nag about booking flights, but I am a nagging person it seems. I'm just paranoid that the price of the flights is going to go up, and he won't be able to come down. But hopefully there will be four fun filled days with Lord Badger, whether it be in the Shoebox or here, and I can't wait to see him. I promised him I will make a sign saying "Lord Badger" for when i pick him up at the airport, haha.
October 15th I fly out to Spain, and will be there for two whole weeks (and a day) and I shall be incredibly happy and spend all my time sitting on the beach, looking for crabs and eating the worlds tasiest red peppers and chorizo. Woo!

So yes. Life is looking rather good at the moment. If you managed to read all the way down to here with no pictures to break it up, i commend you. Have a cookie.

Saturday, September 9

I had a phone call from the estate agents the other day and have been told everything is ready at the flat. We've had a copy of the lease, and providing everything goes smoothly and there's no hiccups with the solicitors I should be moving in by the end of the month!
So now I know I'll actually be moving fairly soon, I'm going to spend my day packing! I have (some) empty boxes (need more, actually), and a bedroom/study/living room full of crap. Bedroom shouldn't be too bad. It's mostly clothes and books. Study is going to be fun, because after I packed everything last time it ended up getting unpacked and thrown all over the floor because I needed to use stuff I'd put in the bottom of the boxes. Living room is all knitting stuff which will be easy peasy to pack up. It'll be lots of fun, and involve playing loud music and dancing around and getting over excited about moving I'm sure. Mum and Dad went to see the flat yesterday - the dip in the bedroom floor is fixed and the washing machine will fit because the guys building it are going to take the door frame off and fit it for us. I need to get going on my shopping list again, decide what kind of blinds (for all 17 windows) I want, get things like a kettle and a toaster (Vicky has told me about an awesome sounding toaster in Foyles that I want want want!). Oh, and furniture and stuff like that, of course. And a TV (I want a 32" Sony Bravia but I think £999 is slightly above my price range). Roll on pay day! haha.

Tomorrow I'm going down to London to see Vicky (and possibly dragging Nicky along too but he's too hungover to make a decision at the moment!). We shall be going to Tusk and I shall be booking a tattoo appointment and getting all giddy and overexcited.

Monday, September 4

Damn, Steve Irwin died. Dude was a legend!