Saturday, September 30

My saturday: Wake up at 10am, stay in bed until 12:45pm. Shower, go back to bed for an hour. Get up, clean out rats. Go back to bed, watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and drink tea. Make mango and apple smoothie, go back to bed and watch Ghostbusters.

I love lazy weekends.


ra said...

now THAT is my kinda saturday. Unfortunately I had to go in to work today! PANTS!

Anonymous said...

Who is Mr.Jonathon??? was he one of your teachers at school, hence the Mr??? and what's with the badger?
Love Ruth xxx

holly said...

Ra: Gutted, hope you get to make up for the lack of weekend!

Ruth: Mr Jonathan is my friend who lives in Aberdeen. McBadge is his pyrokinetic badger!