Saturday, September 16


This morning I went in for four hours overtime. Waking up at 7am on my day off for even more work is possibly the most painful thing in the world. However, if i sit and chant "overtime pays for tattoos" all through those four hours, not only do people leave me the hell alone, it reminds me why I'm there and not curled up in my bed fast asleep.
So, after the worlds slowest four hours I came home and sat in front of my computer. I realised that I don't function well on less than six hours sleep (note to self: stop staying awake until 1am on the phone!) so I went upstairs to watch Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and promptly fell asleep. Three hours later I was woken up by some bloke phoning up to ask if my Dad sold timber. I was tempted to start shouting down the phone "it is FOUR OCLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON! What kind of rediculous time is that to phone someone up and ask if they sell timber?! Fuck off!" but realised this might be a tad unreasonable, so i told him in my best "i am not happy with the fact I have just been woken up" voice that no, we do not sell timber, however if he ever needs a rug we're the people to come to.
I decided that I should really get up, so I have dragged myself out of my nice warm bed and am now drinking tea and watching Scrubs.

The next few weeks promise to be slightly more interesting than overtime, snoozing and timber. Next Saturday I have a two hour appointment with Javi at Tusk to start on my chest piece (that's the first time i've actually referred to it as a chest piece and it seems weird, but i guess that's what it is!) and I seriously can not wait. It's going to be awesome. He's the guy that's doing Vicky's sleeve and whenever I see her after she's had more work I am amazed by how good it looks! I will soon have my very own amazingly gorgeous work too :)
As well as tattoos, I'm hoping to be moved in to my new flat by the end of the month, so the weekend after that may well be taken up with packing my life in to boxes and moving it across the village!
The weekend after that is my cousins wedding so I have a weekend in London. The last wedding I went to was Ruth and John's, and I was about 14 (Ruth, what year did you get married?!) and that was also the last time I wore a skirt. No, i'm not wearing a skirt to this wedding, but it's still a wedding. I need to find posh clothes (read: not jeans and a black top).
I'm hoping that October 11th will be the day Sir Jonathantrousers comes down from Aberdeen to see me for a few days. I am trying not to nag about booking flights, but I am a nagging person it seems. I'm just paranoid that the price of the flights is going to go up, and he won't be able to come down. But hopefully there will be four fun filled days with Lord Badger, whether it be in the Shoebox or here, and I can't wait to see him. I promised him I will make a sign saying "Lord Badger" for when i pick him up at the airport, haha.
October 15th I fly out to Spain, and will be there for two whole weeks (and a day) and I shall be incredibly happy and spend all my time sitting on the beach, looking for crabs and eating the worlds tasiest red peppers and chorizo. Woo!

So yes. Life is looking rather good at the moment. If you managed to read all the way down to here with no pictures to break it up, i commend you. Have a cookie.

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Anonymous said...

on your things to do in spain I think you may have missed out the bit about entertaining the small people???