Friday, November 10

My first full week at work since coming back from Spain is finally over. It involved doing at least an extra half an hour every day, because I've booked thursday and friday off next week. No, it's not because I can't stand doing a full week of work (though i suppose that is partly to do with it!), it's because Mr Jonathan is coming down from from Scottishland again. This makes me very very happy, because I have missed my badger cuddles.

I finally have a completion date of November 24th for my flat. We're going up there sometime in the next few days to measure up properly to make sure the sofas I want, and the rugs I've chosen etc will fit before buying them. And to generally work out where things are going to go. It's getting more and more real by the day! I'm starting to get just a little bit excited, however there's still a part of me thinking there's bound to be something else come up that means it'll be yet another month before I can move. Despite that, I am actually going to start packing this weekend. All the stuff I've bought recently can go in boxes because it's mainly kitchen stuff that I definately won't use. I'm hoping i'll be able to move some of the boxes out of my bedroom at some point too, but I won't count on that. Still, it would be nice to be able to open my bedroom door properly! So, this weekend i'll be washing all my new towels! Hah.

And just because I don't like posting entries on here without photos, you can all ooh and aww at the cuteness of Mr Dangerous Beans and Mr Curious Toast...

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peri said...

Wow Holly - they've really grown in size and cuteness! I even got DH out of bed to come and see their pictures. I adore ratties and miss mine. Yours have made me go all soppy - but with the cat we have now I don't think new ratties would be a good idea *sigh*

Keeping my fingers crossed for your moving date - eyes too.