Tuesday, January 30


Finally, I have sofas! Proper human sized sofas! Without lumps! You have no idea how happy this makes me.

Now all I need is a desk, and I'm done.

Today was a day of being organised. The thermostat was changed over so I now have proper heating. Dad built the bed in my spare room. I fixed the towel ring. General doing stuff ness.

I caught Beans eating the stew he stole underneath my sofa.

Pesky rat!

Pay day tomorrow. HOOfuckingRaa! :D
I am sitting at home waiting for my sofas to be delivered. Hopefully they should be here within the next couple of hours. Fingers crossed they fit up the stairs!

Beans stole my dinner last night.

Saturday, January 27

I seem to be in a very 'hate everyone' mood lately. I think dealing with the idiotic general public day in day out at work may have something to do with it. I'm sick of people who can't spell. I'm even more sick of people who are perfectly capable of writing coherant, comprehensible and sometimes even intelligent things "ritin lyk dis bcoz its kool, LOLZ". Stop it. Stop it now before I punch you in the face.
Surely it takes more effort to write like an imbecile than it does to write properly? It certainly takes a hell of a lot more effort to try and read it.
If I have to read one more letter without a single full stop, comma or capital letter I will scream.

It's not just spelling and punctuation. It's general stupidity. It's the fact someone like Jade fucking Goodey can be on the page of every single fucking newspaper for being a stupid cunt. Here's some news for you...She's a twat. Get over it. It's like picking a scab: If you don't leave it alone it's never going to go away.

Sometimes I think the best thing I could ever do would be to quit my job, sell all my posessions (apart from cameras and laptop, of course), buy a one way ticket to Spain and not tell 90% of the people I know where I was. Just disappear. It would be heaven, and it's oh so tempting. The more time I spend in this country the more I dislike it.

Friday, January 26

I'm posting this on behalf of a friend at work whos husband is currently on active duty in Iraq. The link below is for a petition being sent to Mr Blair to waive postage charges on packages to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Whatever your view on the war may be, please sign this and forward it on to anyone you know who would sign it. It costs a lot of money to send things out there, and the people sending them obviously wish they could give these things to their husbands/wives/sons/daughters etc in person.

Parcel Costs Petition

And now normal service will resume...

Monday, January 22

I got bored, so I changed things around.

I'm cold.

That is all.

Saturday, January 20

Help! There's a rat in my shoe!

Help! There's a rat on my bookshelf!

Wednesday, January 17

Chaos v2.0

Nicky broke Chaos, but it's up and running again.
If you weren't a member before you were a loser. Make up for your social inadequacies and join. JOIN YOU FUCKERS!

Chaos v2.0

Post too, don't just join and then forget about it.

Saturday, January 6

First post of 2007. Happy new year and all that crap. I find new years horribly over rated. People get all excited and hyped up and spend shit loads of money going to places that are horribly over crowded and over priced and full of drunken idiots. Then midnight comes and you have to hug and kiss a room full of people you hardly know and don't even particularly like. Then it's new years day and you're either hung over or bored shitless because everyone else is hung over and lacks the mental capacity to do anything, and everywhere is closed.
So, happily, this new years eve was spent sitting on the couch with one of my favourite people watching crap on TV, playing with thinking putty and being anti-social. At about 2am there was a chav-fight in the alley next to my house that caused some amusement for about 10 minutes. I gave the rats some chocolate drops, they seemed to enjoy it.

Christmas was good (yes, this entry has no particular chronological order, I type things as they pop in to my brain), all the family were at Mum and Dad's and lots of fun was had. There were 16 people for christmas dinner, 5 more turned up later making 21 people in the house at once. James won Nuts.

I loved the fact I could escape back to my own flat after all the madness and sleep. I like sleeping.

Jonathan came down just after christmas and stayed until Jan 3rd. We didn't get up to much. Went to the cinema to see Night at the Museum, went out to lunc with Vicky and Nicky when Vicky came up from London for the day. Went to Mum and Dads for christmas with the Hawkers. Ate lots of chinese foodies. I didn't like it when he went home, I'd got used to him being here!

So yeah, that's 2007 so far. La la la. Can't be bothered to write any more now!