Saturday, January 6

First post of 2007. Happy new year and all that crap. I find new years horribly over rated. People get all excited and hyped up and spend shit loads of money going to places that are horribly over crowded and over priced and full of drunken idiots. Then midnight comes and you have to hug and kiss a room full of people you hardly know and don't even particularly like. Then it's new years day and you're either hung over or bored shitless because everyone else is hung over and lacks the mental capacity to do anything, and everywhere is closed.
So, happily, this new years eve was spent sitting on the couch with one of my favourite people watching crap on TV, playing with thinking putty and being anti-social. At about 2am there was a chav-fight in the alley next to my house that caused some amusement for about 10 minutes. I gave the rats some chocolate drops, they seemed to enjoy it.

Christmas was good (yes, this entry has no particular chronological order, I type things as they pop in to my brain), all the family were at Mum and Dad's and lots of fun was had. There were 16 people for christmas dinner, 5 more turned up later making 21 people in the house at once. James won Nuts.

I loved the fact I could escape back to my own flat after all the madness and sleep. I like sleeping.

Jonathan came down just after christmas and stayed until Jan 3rd. We didn't get up to much. Went to the cinema to see Night at the Museum, went out to lunc with Vicky and Nicky when Vicky came up from London for the day. Went to Mum and Dads for christmas with the Hawkers. Ate lots of chinese foodies. I didn't like it when he went home, I'd got used to him being here!

So yeah, that's 2007 so far. La la la. Can't be bothered to write any more now!

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Anonymous said...

u hum, I think you mean christmas at mum and dad's with the Harrison's and Gillett's!!!
Love from one of the Gillett's! XXX