Saturday, January 27

I seem to be in a very 'hate everyone' mood lately. I think dealing with the idiotic general public day in day out at work may have something to do with it. I'm sick of people who can't spell. I'm even more sick of people who are perfectly capable of writing coherant, comprehensible and sometimes even intelligent things "ritin lyk dis bcoz its kool, LOLZ". Stop it. Stop it now before I punch you in the face.
Surely it takes more effort to write like an imbecile than it does to write properly? It certainly takes a hell of a lot more effort to try and read it.
If I have to read one more letter without a single full stop, comma or capital letter I will scream.

It's not just spelling and punctuation. It's general stupidity. It's the fact someone like Jade fucking Goodey can be on the page of every single fucking newspaper for being a stupid cunt. Here's some news for you...She's a twat. Get over it. It's like picking a scab: If you don't leave it alone it's never going to go away.

Sometimes I think the best thing I could ever do would be to quit my job, sell all my posessions (apart from cameras and laptop, of course), buy a one way ticket to Spain and not tell 90% of the people I know where I was. Just disappear. It would be heaven, and it's oh so tempting. The more time I spend in this country the more I dislike it.

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