Sunday, February 25

On Friday morning I jumped on a train to London, managed to get to Brockley without getting horribly lost, and met up with Vicky. We went to The Toad's Mouth Cafe for lunch, which is a great little cafe near her house with loads of different themed rooms. We sat in the conservatory and chatted and giggled for ages. It's a great place, I wish there were places like that around here!
We then headed back to hers and I was introduced to her cats, Garlic and Einstein. In the four/five years I've known Vicky this is the first time I've actually been to her flat and met her cats. I wanted to take Garlic home with me.

Friday evening was The Gig. We headed over to Shepherds Bush (no doubt amusing everyone who was on the tube with us at the time with out giggling and strange conversations) and met Nicky, Lucy and her Dad. Went in to the pub next door for a quick drink, then headed in. We had 2nd level tickets which at the time I was a bit gutted about, I was looking forward to getting right to the front and going a tad crazy, but it turns out the tickets we had were amazing. It was unreserved seating, and we got there at just the right time. We managed to get right at the front and had the most amazing view of everything, without a single person in front of us! We also got to sit down for the two hours before the band actually came on, and didn't have to pretend to show enthusiasm towards the generic california rock emo myspace band that they had as a support act. They had big hair and skinny jeans and everything. I wanted to throw stuff at them. But enough of them...The Cat Empire were amazing. I didn't think anything could top last year's gig, but they proved me wrong. Words really cannot describe what this band are like live, it definitely has to be experienced to be believed.
Since I was about 14 I've been to countless gigs and seen numerous bands (one day I'll make a list). After a lot of them I have claimed them to be "the best gig ever", but none of them are a patch on this band, and they just keep getting better and better.
The energy they give off is amazing, the atmosphere in the venue is always electric, and you can tell every single person there is excited about the prospect of yet another superb performance that they will be reliving over and over again in their heads for weeks to come.

It's now Sunday and I'm still grinning. My ears are still ringing. My legs are still aching from dancing all night. My throat is still sore from screaming. I'm still the happiest girl in the world. Everyone should see this band, no exception. They will change your life.
It amazes me that some people don't care about this kind of thing. There are people in this world who just don't have any passion for music, and in a way I feel slightly sorry for them, that they will never know what this feels like or how happy and excited it makes you. It makes me wonder what could replace this in their lives...or if there isn't anything how empty their lives must be.

Ok, I'm rambling now so I'll shut up, but dammit LISTEN TO THIS BAND!

Thursday, February 22

Pinched from The Knitted Terrorists, this is fun and amazingly accurate!

Sunday, February 18

I have done absolutely fuck all this weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Well, that's not entirely true, I've done lots of small things, but it feels like I've done fuck all. I hung up the blind in my spare room yesterday, and did various cleanings and tidyings. Today I've had a sainsburys delivery (about £15 cheaper than it normally is when i go to the shop, and i get to avoid the general public! woo!) and wired up my stereo.
I'm slightly disappointed with the stereo. Ok, so it's fairly old now (I think Dad bought it for me when I was about 15 after he broke my old one.) but stereos should last longer than 7 years. Maybe i've wired the speakers up wrong...though I'm pretty sure I haven't. I've had enough practice at wiring the bloody things up every time i decorated my room at Mum and Dad's. It just sounds kind've muffled and rubbishy.
So yes, a new stereo is now on my shopping list, unless Dad can fix it when he gets back from India.

In more exciting news, I'm going to see The Cat Empire this friday! I am so stupidly excited. I've spent all day watching their videos on YouTube, and they are the reason i wired up my stereo, so I didn't have to listen to them through my laptop or my ipod speaker dock. I'm going to drive everyone at work up the wall all week. It's great! haha.

Now, I have cold feet so I'm going to find some socks.

Friday, February 9

It snowed yesterday. Not wanted to feel left out of the whole "the UK can't cope with snow" thing, I managed to get stuck at Mum and Dad's and couldn't get to work.
After skidding and almost crashing three times just getting to the middle of the village (less than a mile from my house) I thought "fuck this" and went to Ma and Pa's. Dad tried to drive my car up the driveway incase anyone crashed in to it, and it got well and truly stuck. So I sat and drank tea and ate biscuits there until about 10:30, when I managed to move the car and get to work. Once there I booked today off so I didn't have to drive in through all the frozen slush, and could stay in bed wrapped up warm :)

The snow still seems to be here this morning, but I'm sitting on my nice new couch watching old episodes of Top Gear and Mythbusters and drinking tea. I might make some shortbread biscuits in a bit. It makes my whole flat smell yummy when I do.

I need to find a window cleaner.

Also, having today off means I've had to reschedule my bet with Satbant to go a whole day without swearing. Oh fuck! :P

Saturday, February 3

Painting and decorating...

3/4 of one coat done, two more coats to go. It's taken me 3 hours just to do that! Why is decorating never as simple as you think it's going to be? It's never "just painting one wall". It's cutting in around THREE windows, trying to get the lines along the edges straight. Having to move the furniture and take down the blinds.

Next time I say I'm going to decorate, someone remind me of this please.