Friday, February 9

It snowed yesterday. Not wanted to feel left out of the whole "the UK can't cope with snow" thing, I managed to get stuck at Mum and Dad's and couldn't get to work.
After skidding and almost crashing three times just getting to the middle of the village (less than a mile from my house) I thought "fuck this" and went to Ma and Pa's. Dad tried to drive my car up the driveway incase anyone crashed in to it, and it got well and truly stuck. So I sat and drank tea and ate biscuits there until about 10:30, when I managed to move the car and get to work. Once there I booked today off so I didn't have to drive in through all the frozen slush, and could stay in bed wrapped up warm :)

The snow still seems to be here this morning, but I'm sitting on my nice new couch watching old episodes of Top Gear and Mythbusters and drinking tea. I might make some shortbread biscuits in a bit. It makes my whole flat smell yummy when I do.

I need to find a window cleaner.

Also, having today off means I've had to reschedule my bet with Satbant to go a whole day without swearing. Oh fuck! :P

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