Saturday, March 31

I like weekends. At the beginning of the week I foolishly volunteered to do eight hours overtime. By Wednesday I'd cut that down to four. By yesterday afternoon I'd decided not to do any, and spend my Saturday sleeping/mooching about instead. I might have actually gone in if it weren't for the horrible phone call I had in the morning. I've come very close to losing it with a customer on several occasions, but yesterday I resorted to sarcasm to stop myself swearing at the guy on the other end of the phone. After 30 minutes of repeating the same things to him over and over again and him just saying "What if I don't?", me asking not to be interrupted several times and threatening to terminate the call twice, the phone call ended like this...

Him: Give me their fucking number then! I'll phone them about this letter, I don't want to talk to you again you've been no help!
Me: (Speaking overly enthusiastically and cheefully) I don't particularly want to talk to you again either Mr *****, I'm sure I would have been able to offer much more advice if you had let me speak without interrupting me constantly. Their number is blahblahblah. Thanks for your call!"

Next time I might just call them a cunt and hang up. I don't get paid enough to talk to idiots like that.

Anyway, what has been happening in the life of me? Not much, probably. Vicky came up to see me last weekend. Nicky came over on the friday and we had takeaway pizza and watched Bill Bailey on DVD. Saturday Vicky and I went to Milton Keynes and spent far too much money.

I think that's the only interesting thing I've done lately. I have absolutely nothing planned for this weekend apart from cleaning/tidying/taking apart furniture. Oh, and trying to find my small camera, I've no idea where I've put it and it's bugging me! I know it's in the flat somewhere because I've not taken it anywhere recently!

I was looking on Google Earth yesterday, and zoomed in on Earls Barton. Last time I looked Earls Barton was just a green blur with no detail at all. It seems they've taken some new photos though and it's pretty freaky! I zoomed in on Mum and Dad's house and saw the beetle on the driveway. I looked in the Gourlay's back garden and noticed there was someone on the trampoline! I zoomed in on work and realised it caught the day someone had stolen Satbant's parking space, so he blocked them in with his motorbike. I zoomed in on my flat and I'm guessing it was taken summer 2005 or early summer 2006 because the roof of the building hadn't been finished. But then again, the new doctors surgery on the edge of the village was built so it must have been 2006. Am I rambling? I think I am. Anyway, my point is, it's cool! Hours of amusement. I also discovered there's some pretty clear photos of El Calon, which made me miss it even more.

I am currently 1 week in to a month without TV. I decided I hate TV and I want to get rid of it, but I am weak. I hate the fact whenever I'm at home I automatically turn the TV for background noise. Hell, not even that sometimes because I have it on mute quite a lot. But I automatically just turn it on and never ever pay attention to what's on. The only things I would actually pay attention to are Top Gear and Mythbusters.
The last time I watched TV was Friday the 23rd of March. I gave Mum the card to my NTL box on Tuesday so I can't even watch it if I wanted to at the moment, not even terrestrial channels because there's no signal here. I've not missed it one single bit. If I wasn't making a conscious effort not to watch TV I wouldn't have realised it had been a week already.
The plan is if I don't miss it for a month I'll cancel it from my NTL package and cancel my TV licence. That'll save me £35 a month. That can go towards DVDs/Books/music as alternative entertainment. Or tattoo funds!

Saturday, March 17

Photos of photos, I don't have a scanner

I love my new camera :)

Also, Vicky sent me a Spoon Of Doom!

Wednesday, March 14

Back from sunny Aberdeen (no joke, it really was sunny). Had a great time, didn't want to come home, have been thoroughly miserable since I got back at the boredom and monotony of Northampton. I hate this town.

I might run away to somewhere interesting and never come back.

Saturday, March 3

This time last week I was laying on Vicky's couch being harassed by her cats. This week went quicker than I though it would, I am most impressed!

Not too much has been happening really, apart from me spending far too much money. In the past couple of weeks I have bought:

- A new stereo. This one to be precise. It sounds soooo good.
- A new camera. Fisheye fun! I've gone back in time to 35mm film and manual wind on. So much fun. I'm taking my first film in to be processed today.
- Two DVD's, a CD and a hoodie from The Cat Empire website. This I can justify by the fact all of it cost me less than £60 thanks to the oh-so-fantastic exchange rate of AUS$2.42 to the pound.
- Some new headphones (Beans bit a chunk out of mine so they sound crap now) and three books from amazon.
- Some new jeans. The same as my favourite ones, but in black. You can never have too many comfortable pairs of jeans, and you know if you only have one or two pairs one of them will get ruined and it will take you months to find another pair just as comfortable.

Is there anything I can't justify spending money on? I think not!

Not much planned for this weekend really. I passed on overtime (probably not a sensible idea considering the above) to catch up on sleep, and because about 80% of the people in my office are ill at the moment and none of them understand the concept of calling in sick, and I don't particularly want what they have so I'm staying away. I also have cleaning to do. And more money spending.

I'm off to sunny Aberdeen on Thursday evening for 5 days to see the Jonathan. It shall be most good, and I will get to meet Humphrey (his car) and his cats.

Right, because I like making lists, here is todays To Do List:

- Clean bathroom.
- Hoover.
- Mop floors.
- Wash up.
- Do several loads of washing.
- Go to riverside, buy:
- Hair dye
- Hair spray
- Rat food
- Rat hammock (Beans doesn't like to share his)
- Light bulbs
- Cushions
- Photoframe for a birthday present

- Dye hair.
- Change light bulbs.
- Print photos.

How exciting.