Saturday, March 3

This time last week I was laying on Vicky's couch being harassed by her cats. This week went quicker than I though it would, I am most impressed!

Not too much has been happening really, apart from me spending far too much money. In the past couple of weeks I have bought:

- A new stereo. This one to be precise. It sounds soooo good.
- A new camera. Fisheye fun! I've gone back in time to 35mm film and manual wind on. So much fun. I'm taking my first film in to be processed today.
- Two DVD's, a CD and a hoodie from The Cat Empire website. This I can justify by the fact all of it cost me less than £60 thanks to the oh-so-fantastic exchange rate of AUS$2.42 to the pound.
- Some new headphones (Beans bit a chunk out of mine so they sound crap now) and three books from amazon.
- Some new jeans. The same as my favourite ones, but in black. You can never have too many comfortable pairs of jeans, and you know if you only have one or two pairs one of them will get ruined and it will take you months to find another pair just as comfortable.

Is there anything I can't justify spending money on? I think not!

Not much planned for this weekend really. I passed on overtime (probably not a sensible idea considering the above) to catch up on sleep, and because about 80% of the people in my office are ill at the moment and none of them understand the concept of calling in sick, and I don't particularly want what they have so I'm staying away. I also have cleaning to do. And more money spending.

I'm off to sunny Aberdeen on Thursday evening for 5 days to see the Jonathan. It shall be most good, and I will get to meet Humphrey (his car) and his cats.

Right, because I like making lists, here is todays To Do List:

- Clean bathroom.
- Hoover.
- Mop floors.
- Wash up.
- Do several loads of washing.
- Go to riverside, buy:
- Hair dye
- Hair spray
- Rat food
- Rat hammock (Beans doesn't like to share his)
- Light bulbs
- Cushions
- Photoframe for a birthday present

- Dye hair.
- Change light bulbs.
- Print photos.

How exciting.

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