Monday, April 30

I'm sitting on the couch in my PJs splattered with hair dye. I'm sure I get more on the bathroom than I do on my hair. The smell of peroxide is hurting my eyes and the wet hair is making me cold, but I've still half an hour left (I always leave it on for twice as long as it says). Ah well, no more roots will be worth it!

I went down to the sandwich man at work today to buy lunch (didn't have any bread so didn't make any myself) and the guy in front of me turned to me as he was walking away and said "Didn't you used to work at kodak?", I told him yes, I did, and asked if he did too (he seemed familiar, but I thought that was just because I'd seen him around the building before) and he said he did. I didn't remember him really, so I told him two years ago is a long time and I didn't really remember him! I'm pretty sure I didn't talk to him that much. I didn't talk to anyone at Kodak that much. I just sat in the lab on my own looking at other peoples holiday photos, and trained the two girls who didn't speak much english. That was fun. Anyway, it was nice to know I'm remembered, even if they never spoke to me.

Came home from work and phoned the TV licence people. My TV licence is now cancelled, I am getting a refund form to claim back the extra I've paid (paid up until November currently), apparently someone will be coming to my house to check I don't have it plugged in, and I've cancelled my direct debit. Saving myself a wonderful £25 a month. Fantastic! The NTL box is unplugged and will go in the garage until I decide what to do with it. It's made a fair bit more room for DVDs!

I should get my new scanner tomorrow, then I shall start my project of scanning in all the old photos in the albums at Mum and Dad's house. All the photos of Ma and Pa before Oli and I were born, all the photos of Oli and I as kids, all the holidays from years ago. They're all going to go on my computer. Expect some amusing pictures soon!

Sunday, April 29

This weekend I have watched the complete collection of Black Books in DVD. It's official, I have no life. I am currently making my way through the Indiana Jones trilogy. Feel free to feed my DVD addiction. I've not watched TV for over a month now. This week I shall be getting rid of the NTL box and cancelling my TV licence.

Without IAM I have to find other sources of amusement on teh internets, and today I stumbled across the website of my old music teacher, Mr Ashworth, and the website of my old school, Sir Christopher Hatton. The school website is quite possibly the crappiest website in the history of teh internets, but the fact the IT teacher when I was there didn't know what HTTP stood for probably explains that.

This week is my sixth full week of work this year. It includes two lates in a row. I may die. Ah well, I need the flexi. I'm not taking any more days off until June. I have one day booked off to recover from a day out at the beginning of the month (but that shall be explained at a later date. I am plotting!), and three days off for when McStacey comes down from scottishland to see me, and all but one of them are being taken as flexi days. I've got about 6 weeks to build up 15 hours of flexi. I don't think I've ever had 15 hours of flexi before!

Now I'm going to harass the rats for a bit.

Saturday, April 28

Today I went in for overtime. There was only four of us in my wing so it was very quiet, therefore I found amusement in the little things. Such as the dentists compliments slip with the picture of the dental assistant wearing fishnets and holding a glass of wine. And the bloke who lives in Dick Gardens (in Whitburn, where McStacey lives!). And the fact I wrote a letter and saved it as "not a cod". And the fact next week will only be my 6th full week of work this year.

I came home and have so far watched the entire first series of Black Books, and the first two episodes of the second series. I have eaten a giant jaffa cake. And I have put my new duvet cover on my bed.

That is all.

Thursday, April 26

Half a day off work. Sainsburys shopping delivered just before four and I've been muching on polish kabanos sausages. Yum! I also have new tops. I might even get lucky and find out I have some post at Mum and Dad's later.

At the moment I'm watching Little Miss Sunshine on DVD, which is pretty damn good. I might have to get my own copy after I give it back to Liz.

I heard my neighbour having sex again last night. His girlfriend is far too over enthusiastic. She sounds more like she's being murdered.

Wednesday, April 25

In an attempt that will probably be unsuccessful to clear out my brain I have banned myself from IAM for ten days. I've been a member for about 5 years now and I think it's the longest I've voluntarily gone without. But I keep tormenting myself when I'm on there so hopefully this will help somewhat in overcoming my serious case of the blah's.

You never know, I might actually start knitting again.

Saturday, April 21

Last night I went to see The Illusionist with Ma. Pretty damn good film. I have a thing for Edward Norton, I must admit, but that was just the icing on the cake really. I always say the sign of a good film is if you walk out the cinema and want to go and do what you've just been watching (And no, I'm not talking about doing Edward Norton...though I wouldn't say no...), like when I went to see Memoirs of a Geisha I wanted to go to Japan. When I saw Pulp Fiction and Human Traffic I wanted to take lots of drugs. When I first saw Dogma I wanted to read the bible (but never did), when I saw Pirates of the Carribbean I wished I didn't get so horribly sea sick so I could go and be a pirate.
Last night I walked out the cinema and wanted to learn some magic tricks. And do Edward Norton...

Today has been fairly uneventful. I went in for overtime from 8 til 12, came home and had a shower, sat and watched Shaun of the Dead (makes me want to fight zombies, fling records like frisbees and eat a cornetto), realised I'd been sitting around for about 4 hours in a towel, got dressed, drank a cup of tea, and have just told my brother how to make moussaka. How exciting! I'm sure tomorrow will be just as thrilling.

Now the parents have been introduced to the new tattoos (no eye rolling or tutting - always a good sign!) I can post photos here.

Freshly done and covered in cling film.

A couple of days old, looking quite dark. Realising it's hard to take an in focus photo of both your wrists at the same time.

Taken today. Quite a bit lighter (and will go lighter still) and nice and scabby.

Now I'm going to find something to eat. I forgot to get chicken out the freezer for the 100th time today so I've no idea what I'm going to have. It's times like this I miss having a microwave. Or wish I could find the instructions for my cooker because I'm pretty sure one of the little pictures means "defrost", but I've no idea how it works. Dinner will probably involve mushrooms, I bought quite a lot of them at the co-op earlier.

Wednesday, April 18

A lot of stuff has been happening recently. A lot of it probably won't get written about here, because this isn't the place for it, but the past couple of weeks have been...interesting. I shall focus on the good stuffs though.

Last weekend I was in London again. Vicky came up here on Friday night, Nicky joined us, and we sat and ate far too much chinese food and laughed and danced and sang and made sex noises to annoy the upstairs neighbour (revenge!). I laughed so much I couldn't even stay upright (not helped by Vicky trying to kneel on my shoulders whilst I was sitting on the kitchen floor) and it was just what I needed. On Saturday Vicky and I wondered around Summer Leys, talking to sheep, climbing on trees and generally enjoying the fact it was sunny and warm. We then got the train down to London. Ice cream was consumed. Tattoos were acquired, but photos shall wait until family have been introduced to them and they've healed.

Monday night I was in London again. Nicky and I had managed to get tickets to see Darren Hayes (formerly of Savage Garden) at a very small venue in Soho - The Soho Revue Bar. We weren't impressed. We sat through the incredibly bizzare support act and laughed at the fact Nicky was possibly the straightest person in the room. Nicky also informed me people were staring at me a lot. I seem to have become oblivious to that kind of thing now, and it wasn't until he pointed it out to me that I noticed I was possibly the only pierced and tattooed person there.
Anyway, Darren Hayes was terrible. The sound was appauling, the crowd were all from MySpace (I shall say no more...) and I'm pretty sure he was miming. We walked out after three songs and instead went out for dinner to Bella Italia on Leicester Square. Far more entertaining and far more pleasant. Not an entirely wasted trip to London after all, we still had a good time.

Tuesday I had the day off work, so I didn't have to survive a day on about 4 hours sleep. I went out for lunch with Dad and heard all about his trip to Pakistan. A very enjoyable day, nice and relaxing.

I'm sure more has been happening recently. Well, I know more has been happening but that's the stuff that's not going to be written about here, because I don't want to go over it for the 100th time and still finish with the sentence "I still don't know what's happening, really." because it frustrates me beyond belief.

I have come to the conclusion, as I do most days, that I need to get out of this country ASAP. September is too damn far away. I might start working 7:30am to 5pm every single day so I can have a whole week off and run away. But we all know that's not going to happen. I find it hard enough to find the motivation to do my contracted 7 hours 24 mintes a day at the moment, let alone anything over that.

This weekend will be decidedly boring compared to recent weekends. Overtime on Saturday, followed by a weekend of DVDs and domesticity. How thrilling. I might go and get new passport photos, too. I need to renew mine.

Friday, April 6

Yesterday was my birthday. Had a fantastic day and am spending today recovering. Achey legs from walking around London all day!

Mum came to see me before she went to work in the morning and gave me yummy presents. A new camera (a Supersampler!), paul frank flip flops, a toy rat that looks just like Beans, some gorgeous red roses and a stripey pot to go with my stripey mugs.

I headed down to Londinium and met Vicky in Covent Garden. We went to Belgo for mussels and chips. We also had wild boar salami, which was delicious! But not as delicious as the mussels and chips. I also had coconut beer, and have fallen in love. I shall be searching for that stuff now and won't be happy until I've found it!
We searched for Cybercandy. We'd actually walked right past it already on the way to Belgo, but we're stupid and didn't realise, so instead we wondered around for half an hour going "where is it?!" until we stumbled upon it. Then of course we spent lots of money on sugar filled goodness. Oreo cookies, jolly ranchers, peanut butter M&M's and mountain dew. Hmmm.
Then, after a bit more wondering around, we made our way across town to Notting Hill to The Hummingbird Bakery in search of the cupcakey goodness. And goodness it was! The best damn cupcakes I've ever had. The journey there took a lot longer than it should have due to the fact Vicky got me a Quik Pod for my birthday. Far too much amusement from myspace angle shots, shots from the floor, taking photos over walls/on top of bus shelters, videoing ourselves walking along. So much fun!
After the cupcake goodness we wondered along Portobello Road, got distracted by shiney things a few times, and generally messed about.

A very very fun day. Unfortunately my small digital camera is currently MIA, so I only have this to show you right now, until Vicky gets her photos online...

More photos will come when I get the ones from my fisheye and supersampler developed.

Now I'm going to enjoy the fact I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday next week!

Tuesday, April 3

I just wrote a big long entry...then somehow managed to accidentally hold down shift and up at the same time and then managed to delete the whole thing. Go me!

So I shall sum it up in bullet points...

+ Three day week!
+ Birthday Thursday, getting old.
+ 1 year ago today was in Spain. Gutted am not there now.
+ A lot happens in a year.
+ A year goes quickly.
+ Last day at work with Carol tomorrow. Boohoo.
+ Going to carry on watching Bill Bailey now.

Have a photo... Don't have a photo, photobucket isn't working.