Monday, April 30

I'm sitting on the couch in my PJs splattered with hair dye. I'm sure I get more on the bathroom than I do on my hair. The smell of peroxide is hurting my eyes and the wet hair is making me cold, but I've still half an hour left (I always leave it on for twice as long as it says). Ah well, no more roots will be worth it!

I went down to the sandwich man at work today to buy lunch (didn't have any bread so didn't make any myself) and the guy in front of me turned to me as he was walking away and said "Didn't you used to work at kodak?", I told him yes, I did, and asked if he did too (he seemed familiar, but I thought that was just because I'd seen him around the building before) and he said he did. I didn't remember him really, so I told him two years ago is a long time and I didn't really remember him! I'm pretty sure I didn't talk to him that much. I didn't talk to anyone at Kodak that much. I just sat in the lab on my own looking at other peoples holiday photos, and trained the two girls who didn't speak much english. That was fun. Anyway, it was nice to know I'm remembered, even if they never spoke to me.

Came home from work and phoned the TV licence people. My TV licence is now cancelled, I am getting a refund form to claim back the extra I've paid (paid up until November currently), apparently someone will be coming to my house to check I don't have it plugged in, and I've cancelled my direct debit. Saving myself a wonderful £25 a month. Fantastic! The NTL box is unplugged and will go in the garage until I decide what to do with it. It's made a fair bit more room for DVDs!

I should get my new scanner tomorrow, then I shall start my project of scanning in all the old photos in the albums at Mum and Dad's house. All the photos of Ma and Pa before Oli and I were born, all the photos of Oli and I as kids, all the holidays from years ago. They're all going to go on my computer. Expect some amusing pictures soon!

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