Sunday, April 29

This weekend I have watched the complete collection of Black Books in DVD. It's official, I have no life. I am currently making my way through the Indiana Jones trilogy. Feel free to feed my DVD addiction. I've not watched TV for over a month now. This week I shall be getting rid of the NTL box and cancelling my TV licence.

Without IAM I have to find other sources of amusement on teh internets, and today I stumbled across the website of my old music teacher, Mr Ashworth, and the website of my old school, Sir Christopher Hatton. The school website is quite possibly the crappiest website in the history of teh internets, but the fact the IT teacher when I was there didn't know what HTTP stood for probably explains that.

This week is my sixth full week of work this year. It includes two lates in a row. I may die. Ah well, I need the flexi. I'm not taking any more days off until June. I have one day booked off to recover from a day out at the beginning of the month (but that shall be explained at a later date. I am plotting!), and three days off for when McStacey comes down from scottishland to see me, and all but one of them are being taken as flexi days. I've got about 6 weeks to build up 15 hours of flexi. I don't think I've ever had 15 hours of flexi before!

Now I'm going to harass the rats for a bit.


Anonymous said...

Black books is really good, I love Manny!
We Have box sets of Peep Show, Teachers and all the James Bonds if you run out of stuff to watch. You could set up a DVD Swap shop!
Happy Vegging!

Vic said...

I hope the plotting is tattoo-related!

Please come back to IAM, I'm lost without you. Updating has no meaning if the one person who might read it isn't there!