Saturday, April 28

Today I went in for overtime. There was only four of us in my wing so it was very quiet, therefore I found amusement in the little things. Such as the dentists compliments slip with the picture of the dental assistant wearing fishnets and holding a glass of wine. And the bloke who lives in Dick Gardens (in Whitburn, where McStacey lives!). And the fact I wrote a letter and saved it as "not a cod". And the fact next week will only be my 6th full week of work this year.

I came home and have so far watched the entire first series of Black Books, and the first two episodes of the second series. I have eaten a giant jaffa cake. And I have put my new duvet cover on my bed.

That is all.


Vic said...

Love that new duvet cover - where is it from? x

Holly said...

Next, for the bargain price of £20!