Sunday, May 27

Today Mr Jones and I took a trip to IKEA. We got lost, as one does when one goes to Milton Keynes, but after out 5,638th roundabout saw the blue and yellow of Swedish furniture heaven.

I spent too much money on things that were essential to my continued existence (isn't everything in IKEA like that? You wonder how you ever coped before you had that floor lamp/plant pot/ice cube tray that makes long thin ice cubes etc.) and I am now very very poor. Oh, and daim bars. Crunchy on the outside smooth on the inside, ARMADILLOS!

We then ate meatballs and chips and ventured back to Earls Barton.

Nicky was butch and assembled my new lamp for me. I hung my new magnetic chalk board on the wall, and we sat and drank tea and ate daim bars.

So, that was my day. I am now incredibly bored, wondering when it's going to stop raining, and being amused by my new lamp. Oh, and I took videos of us driving along trying to find IQUEEA. The first one's too big to upload to youtube, but this is us being excited at finding the place...

Saturday, May 26

I managed to a whole day of work without dying on Friday, but I said no to overtime. Instead of working I have spent my day pottering about. This morning I made a half arsed attempt at tidying the spare bedroom. I reorganised some wardrobe space and sorted the big pile of clothes on the bed in to three smaller piles. I finally did something with the very last box of stuff left over from when I moved in 6 months ago - I shoved it under the bed in the spare room to be forgotten about. What I really need is a rail for the tall wardrobe so I can make more space in the wardrobe in my bedroom. I also need to get rid of the old TV unit thats in pieces in there, and try and convince someone to buy my 15" LCD TV from me. After that all that I'll need to do it find a place for the box full of crap (my old stereo, a broken DVD player, my NTL box, an old VCR and various wires and remotes), and find something pretty to hang on the walls so it doesn't look so bare.

After that mini tidying spree I decided to go to sainsburys. This was a bad idea for two reasons. One, it's a bank holiday weekend, therefore it was absolutely packed and I had an urge to kill everyone there. Two, I'd said to myself I wasn't going to spend any more money this month and I ended up spending £74. Oops. Oh well, pay day this week. At last.

After that I made a start on the ever present Giant Pile Of Washing Up (GPOWU) and ate some strawberries. Not at the same time, mind you. Lunch consisted of left over pasta+whateversinthefridge from last night, plus basil. Oops, Holly bought a basil plant. I'm going to need more windowsils at this rate! Then I got bored and took photos of flowers.

Now I'm sitting on the couch thinking it's going to start raining any second now, and looking at the IKEA catalogue thinking I'm going to be so poor when I go there...

Thursday, May 24

Today I called in sick. I almost went hom sick yesterday afternoon but I feel guilty leaving half way through the day. Could hardly move when my alarm went off at 6:15 this morning so I gave in and went back to sleep. Woke up at 8, phoned work, ate marmite on toast and went back to bed. I'd already been asleep since 5pm the night before. I have spent the rest of today eating nurofen and strepsils, drinking tea and orange juice and reading my books. I finished reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, and I highly recommend it. I admite I don't often find books I can't put down, but this was one of them. I finished it in under 5 days. I'm now half way through Flying Dutch by Tom Holt, who is very very funny.

I have been rescued by Mum and Dad, who came over with flowers (gerberas, my favourite!), chocolate, jelly tot fairy cakes, a big bag of cherries, apples, nectarines and bananas, strepsils, nurofen and beechams. I have the best Mum and Dad in the world. Ever.

My Eggling has grown even more. I want more plants. A basil plant. And other herby type things.

Now I'm going to read a bit more...

Saturday, May 19

Playing: Clutch - Blast Tyrant

It seems going without IAM is pretty easy. My account is activated again this Monday and I almost wish it weren't. I think the best option will just be to forget certain people on there exist.

Life goes on. Last weekend I was in London with Vicky. It rained. We ate pasta, bought sweets from Cybercandy, went to Paperchase (and of course spent LOTS of money), played Air Hockey and drank hot chocolate. A very enjoyable day! Vicky also sniffed crayons.

I have started talking to plants. On my windowsill I currently have six pepper plants (three sweet pepper and three chilli pepper), and an Eggling. I've had them about a week now and they're actually growing! I thought they'd just shrivel up and die, I'm not very green fingered.

Chilli Peppers

Sweet Peppers


Today I went to work for four hours overtime. There should be three overtime's on this months payslip so I'm muchly looking forward to the end of the month. Thanks to the new fangled (rubbish) shared services system they have at work we got paid before the end of the month. This means it's five weekends between pay days this month. Not fun at all. I'm attempting to do as much overtime as I can at the moment. My car has its (admittedly slightly overdue) MOT on Monday and if by some miracle it passes I intend to sell it and buy a new car. I'd quite like a Toyota Yaris. Actually, I'd quite like a Bugatti Veyron but lets be realistic shall we? I've been looking at Hyundai coupe's too so I'll have to pick the cousins brains about that!

I got bored at work today and wondered what my tattoos would look like filled in. If I do fill them in it won't be for a few months (that whole saving money thing...) and it certainly won't be in pink!

Now I'm going to check on my chicken (hmmmmroastchicken).

Friday, May 11

When it comes to leaving notes on cars, I'm not the most imaginative of people. I tend to go for polite and to the point, because I'm scared the person who's car I'm leaving a note on will walk out while I'm going it. So, ideas for amusing things to write on notes would be appreciated! For now, this is the best I come up with...

He moved 5 minutes later, so I drove my car back from round the corner. As I was parking I looked in my wing mirror and saw a bloke walking up the street, stop when he noticed my car, walk backwards and hide round the corner, then when I was inside he came passed. Made me laugh so much! Fucking BMW drivers. He couldn't park for shit either, and was about a mile away from the curb. You're only allowed to block my garage if you drive a Bugatti Veyron, in which case I will forgive you if you let me drive it!

Wednesday, May 9

Tired. Sooo tired. Last night I went to Occo (Moroccan restaurant) for Mum's birthday. It was a most enjoyable evening, however I didn't fall in to bed until 12:30, fell asleep about 1, and was up 5 hours and 15 minutes later to go to work. I have been sat at my desk all day listening to The Cat Empire on my ipod and trying not to fall asleep.

Life has been good lately. Mum's party was good fun, and she was very pleased with the present Oli and I got her. We're taking her to The Fat Duck for lunch on June 3rd. Took me forever to get a table!
The rest of the three day weekend was quiet and uneventful. Scanned in the old photos, watched a fair few DVDs and made banana muffins with Hannah.

I also caved in and bought camera number eight. Yes, eight. No, eight cameras is not excessive. It's prefectly reasonable. Especially as this is a medium format camera. That excites me more than it probably should.

A Holga. Japanese. Plastic. Prone to light leaks. Cheap as chips. Colour splash flash. What more could one want in a camera?!

This friday I shall be venturing down to London to spend the night at Vicky's. The plan is to wonder around London Town in the middle of the night playing with long exposures and tripods and the like, go back to hers, sleep, then go to The Toads Mouth Too for breakfast/lunch (depending on when we wake up). It should be a very enjoyable weekend all round. Getting away from Northampton will be good!

My IAM account was reactivated on Saturday. I was on for 3 days before blocking myself again, this time for two weeks. I kept looking at stuff I didn't want to, finding out things I didn't want to know, making myself annoyed and generally wanting to punch certain people in the face. It frustrates me that this bothers me so much still. I dislike anyone who can infuriate me so much without even realising they're doing it - without even saying a word.

I'm going for a shower now, then am going to have an early night so I manage to drag myself out of bed in time for work tomorrow. I took a fisheye film in for processing today, so expect some fun photos! I can't even remember what's on the film...

Monday, May 7

I've not changed much in the last 20 years really have I? Well...apart from the hair colour and the fact I now have seven cameras rather than one.

Thursday, May 3

My new scanner arrived successfully, and is pretty damn cool. 100 times better than the old one! I have started the epic task I've set myself of scanning in all the photos from our numerous photo albums. I started with one of Mum's old ones. On the front there's a sticker that says "July 1970 to July 1974". There's some real gems in there!

People sometimes question why/how I take so many photos. The main reason is I never want to forget the things I do. I look back through photos from years and years ago and they bring memories flooding back. It facinates me how looking at a single photo can trigger something like that.

I got to the last page of that album. 1974. July 14th 1974. There were two photos on that last page. One made me laugh, mainly at how big my Dad's hair used to be. The other photo made me cry. It wasn't even in focus. A blurred picture from 33 years ago - 11 years before I was even born - can evoke such strong emotions. That's why I take so many photos.

Wednesday, May 2

The scanner was sent back to e-buyer and today, whilst wondering why the hell I'd only taken one phone call in an hour and a half on the first phone shift, I ordered it again, but paid an extra £4 for next day delivery and am having it sent to the shop. It's looking more promising...

"Hello Miss,

Great news! Your order has shipped and should arrive soon. Your credit card has successfully been charged for this order.

Order Details - 2 May 2007 12:30 GMT+01:00

Canon CanoScan LiDE 25 Flatbed Scanner USB 1200 dpi x2400 dpi £33.00
Shipping & Handling (Thu 3rd May 2007 (Next Working Day)) : £11.27"

I got the £10 discount for using Google Checkout again so technically it was only £1.27 for the delivery, so I can't really complain about forking out extra.

Today when I mentioned I'd cancelled my TV licence Terri called me a freak. Eh? Why does not watching TV make me a freak? Is it really that bizarre?

Now I think I'm going to download Ubuntu, because it looks geeky and fun and quite good. I like being a geek. Like you didn't already know that...

Tuesday, May 1

Fairly good day today. We had lunch at pizza hut for Nikki's leaving do which was most yummy. Work was absolutely dead because half the office were on strike, and it went fairly quickly.

Got home and found my jessops photos in a cardboard envelope with "PHOTOS - DO NOT BEND" written on it had been bent in half to fit through the letter box. Not impressed. Thankfully the photos were ok. Then got to my door and found a mars bar wrapper on the floor. This isn't normal littering on the street, this is in the hallway of a building with three flats in. Even less impressed now. Some gratitude would be nice, if it wasn't for me the other people living here would be swimming in mail delivered to the wrong address and junk mail to get to the stairs by now. The stairs would probably also be black with dirt. Ungreatful fucks.
I was even more unimpressed by the fact Ma and Pa were out when my new scanner was delivered, so I don't have my new toy to play with today. I refuse to go all the way to kettering to pick it up when I've paid about £6 for it to be delivered, and they won't deliver to a different address, so I've had it sent back. I'll probably reorder it and fork out for next day delivery so I know where to get it sent to.

I think that's it with the unimpressedness - apart from the fact it took me about an hour and a half to finally get something printed out right. Most of that was due to the fact I can't spell, haha.

I got to play with Nikki's new laptop as well. I ordered it for her, she got it Friday and was too scared to turn it on because she knows nothing about computers, so I bought it home today and have set it all up for her. Easy as piss considering it's a dell and everything is already loaded, and the fact it's just a smaller version of my laptop. Windows Vista sucks big hair balls though. I'm sticking with good old reliable XP.

Now I'm going to have a bacon sandwich and watch Good Will Hunting.