Tuesday, May 1

Fairly good day today. We had lunch at pizza hut for Nikki's leaving do which was most yummy. Work was absolutely dead because half the office were on strike, and it went fairly quickly.

Got home and found my jessops photos in a cardboard envelope with "PHOTOS - DO NOT BEND" written on it had been bent in half to fit through the letter box. Not impressed. Thankfully the photos were ok. Then got to my door and found a mars bar wrapper on the floor. This isn't normal littering on the street, this is in the hallway of a building with three flats in. Even less impressed now. Some gratitude would be nice, if it wasn't for me the other people living here would be swimming in mail delivered to the wrong address and junk mail to get to the stairs by now. The stairs would probably also be black with dirt. Ungreatful fucks.
I was even more unimpressed by the fact Ma and Pa were out when my new scanner was delivered, so I don't have my new toy to play with today. I refuse to go all the way to kettering to pick it up when I've paid about £6 for it to be delivered, and they won't deliver to a different address, so I've had it sent back. I'll probably reorder it and fork out for next day delivery so I know where to get it sent to.

I think that's it with the unimpressedness - apart from the fact it took me about an hour and a half to finally get something printed out right. Most of that was due to the fact I can't spell, haha.

I got to play with Nikki's new laptop as well. I ordered it for her, she got it Friday and was too scared to turn it on because she knows nothing about computers, so I bought it home today and have set it all up for her. Easy as piss considering it's a dell and everything is already loaded, and the fact it's just a smaller version of my laptop. Windows Vista sucks big hair balls though. I'm sticking with good old reliable XP.

Now I'm going to have a bacon sandwich and watch Good Will Hunting.

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