Thursday, May 3

My new scanner arrived successfully, and is pretty damn cool. 100 times better than the old one! I have started the epic task I've set myself of scanning in all the photos from our numerous photo albums. I started with one of Mum's old ones. On the front there's a sticker that says "July 1970 to July 1974". There's some real gems in there!

People sometimes question why/how I take so many photos. The main reason is I never want to forget the things I do. I look back through photos from years and years ago and they bring memories flooding back. It facinates me how looking at a single photo can trigger something like that.

I got to the last page of that album. 1974. July 14th 1974. There were two photos on that last page. One made me laugh, mainly at how big my Dad's hair used to be. The other photo made me cry. It wasn't even in focus. A blurred picture from 33 years ago - 11 years before I was even born - can evoke such strong emotions. That's why I take so many photos.

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Anonymous said...

oh you bugger you've started me off now! Al's hair is a treat, it's no wonder our's is like it is!
See you tonight
Love Ruth