Wednesday, May 2

The scanner was sent back to e-buyer and today, whilst wondering why the hell I'd only taken one phone call in an hour and a half on the first phone shift, I ordered it again, but paid an extra £4 for next day delivery and am having it sent to the shop. It's looking more promising...

"Hello Miss,

Great news! Your order has shipped and should arrive soon. Your credit card has successfully been charged for this order.

Order Details - 2 May 2007 12:30 GMT+01:00

Canon CanoScan LiDE 25 Flatbed Scanner USB 1200 dpi x2400 dpi £33.00
Shipping & Handling (Thu 3rd May 2007 (Next Working Day)) : £11.27"

I got the £10 discount for using Google Checkout again so technically it was only £1.27 for the delivery, so I can't really complain about forking out extra.

Today when I mentioned I'd cancelled my TV licence Terri called me a freak. Eh? Why does not watching TV make me a freak? Is it really that bizarre?

Now I think I'm going to download Ubuntu, because it looks geeky and fun and quite good. I like being a geek. Like you didn't already know that...

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