Wednesday, May 9

Tired. Sooo tired. Last night I went to Occo (Moroccan restaurant) for Mum's birthday. It was a most enjoyable evening, however I didn't fall in to bed until 12:30, fell asleep about 1, and was up 5 hours and 15 minutes later to go to work. I have been sat at my desk all day listening to The Cat Empire on my ipod and trying not to fall asleep.

Life has been good lately. Mum's party was good fun, and she was very pleased with the present Oli and I got her. We're taking her to The Fat Duck for lunch on June 3rd. Took me forever to get a table!
The rest of the three day weekend was quiet and uneventful. Scanned in the old photos, watched a fair few DVDs and made banana muffins with Hannah.

I also caved in and bought camera number eight. Yes, eight. No, eight cameras is not excessive. It's prefectly reasonable. Especially as this is a medium format camera. That excites me more than it probably should.

A Holga. Japanese. Plastic. Prone to light leaks. Cheap as chips. Colour splash flash. What more could one want in a camera?!

This friday I shall be venturing down to London to spend the night at Vicky's. The plan is to wonder around London Town in the middle of the night playing with long exposures and tripods and the like, go back to hers, sleep, then go to The Toads Mouth Too for breakfast/lunch (depending on when we wake up). It should be a very enjoyable weekend all round. Getting away from Northampton will be good!

My IAM account was reactivated on Saturday. I was on for 3 days before blocking myself again, this time for two weeks. I kept looking at stuff I didn't want to, finding out things I didn't want to know, making myself annoyed and generally wanting to punch certain people in the face. It frustrates me that this bothers me so much still. I dislike anyone who can infuriate me so much without even realising they're doing it - without even saying a word.

I'm going for a shower now, then am going to have an early night so I manage to drag myself out of bed in time for work tomorrow. I took a fisheye film in for processing today, so expect some fun photos! I can't even remember what's on the film...


Vic! said...

Lots of fish-eye Dunc hopefully!

Anonymous said...

your Muffin was lovely and moist!