Tuesday, June 19

I had a McStacey come to stay for a few days. We had lots and lots of fun! Dave came up on Friday and I took both of their Wagamama-Virginities, I am proud!
Saturday I made Stacey and Gimp endure Earls Barton Carnival, after 20 minutes we realised how shit it was and came back here and watched Hot Fuzz instead.
Sunday we went to the Buddhist Tea Room. Considering it was the only day it didn't rain, it was quite good! I'll be going back there I think - even if it's just for an excuse to drive along some nice country lanes.

Sunday night we played with sparklers and bubbles - which was probably more amusing than it should've been for anyone over the age of 10!

Monday she went home, and I realised how pink my bathroom was from her hair!

I also got a couple of films developed the other day with some rather entertaining results!

I need to book some more time off work now - nothing at all booked off to look forward to at the moment!

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Anonymous said...

We were at Barton Carnival and I agree very pants -Apart from my friends Toy Story! Jason was Buzz Lightyear and Helen was Little Bopeep and their kids were toy soldiers(Buzz was the best!).
And isn't the Buddist Tea Rooms lovely, Tea in the back garden very peaceful (especially with no kids)
Ruth XXX