Sunday, July 15

I have had a very nice weekend of doing as little as possible. It has been most enjoyable. Yesterday consisted of getting up, watching Hot Fuzz, going back to bed and finishing reading You Don't Have To Be Evil To Work Here But It Helps by Tom Holt, and started reading This Book Will Save Your Life by A. M. Holmes.
I submitted lots and lots of photos to firebox in the hopes that one day I might win photo of the week.
The evening was spent eating a very tasty dinner of pancetta and parmesan sausages, grilled red peppers, new potatoes and baby sweetcorn, watching Bill Bailey DVDs, and updating my photo albums. I also managed to get my third set of 20 free prints from Jessops.

Today I did more photo-organising, watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, did some domestic stuff, and now I'm watching Dogma.

So yes, all in all a very uneventful but relaxing weekend.


Anonymous said...

Where is this? It's lovely
Ruth XXX

Holly said...

It's at summer leys - the top lake, the one where everyone takes their dogs for a walk because you can let them off the lead. It's lovely!