Tuesday, August 28

Next in the world of Holly's rediscovered knitting obsession: The Humbug Cushion from Debbie Bliss Home. I love this book, it has so many fun patterns. I have about 8 little post it notes sticking out of it marking things I want to make.

I dug out all my pattern books and a mahoosive stash of yarn at Mum and Dad's the other day and brought it all home. In the mahoosive stash was quite possible the softest Sari Silk yarn I've ever felt. I think I got it at the Knitting and Stitching show a couple of years ago, and I need to find something special to make with it. Possibly a clapotis, though it wouldn't make a very big one. Suggestions welcome!

Sunday, August 26

Holy crap. It can't be true, can it? Has Holly really finished a knitting project? And a pair of socks at that?! Why yes it is!

I brought home all my yarn and knitting books from Mum and Dads last night, so now I'm going to rummage through them all to decide what to knit next!

Sunday, August 19

OMG! Knitting!

Knitting? What is this strange compulsion you speak of? Sticks? String? Making things? How peculiar!

In a moment of madness, I decided to clear out my knitting basket. Not all of my yarn and needles and the like made it when I moved, I do believe a large portion of my stash is hidden away in Mum and Dad's living room - some in the stool, some in the cupboard with the world's smallest door. Whilst clearing out my rather small knitting basket I discovered the following works-in-perpetual-progress (WIPPs): Three unfinished pairs of socks (two suffering from "second sock syndrome", one didn't even get that far), one 1/3 finished jumper - pattern whereabouts unknown, and one baby blanket - current age approximately two years. I started it when I found out my cousin was pregnant with Josh (who was 1 in April) and am still about 4cm from finishing it.

So, I decided I want to knit something again, but I wasn't sure what. Something small and simple to get me back in the swing of things. So, what do I choose? I choose a fourth pair of socks. Cabled socks to be precise, from the Debbit Bill Home book. They shall be knit in a wonderfully soft green alpaca yarn. Blue Sky Alpaca to be precise. I believe it was purchaed at the UKnitty meet up in London, when we went to Loop. That would be about two years ago then.

If I ever finish them I may throw a party to celebrate.

In other news, I am cooking roast chicken and my flat smells yummy. It's pissing it down with rain, and I don't want to go back to work tomorrow.

Saturday, August 18

This morning I cut off my first peppers from my plants. The big one is a Navaho, about 5cm long. The small red ones are Jalapeno's and the orange one is a Habanero. I have a feeling the Habanero and Jalapeno's are going to be slightly lethal!

It feels like autumn. I'm wearing slippers and long sleeves. I think summer may have officially finished, and it only lasted about a week.

This morning I made coffee muffins. They taste ok, but unfortunately they stuck to the cake cases. The blueberry muffins I made the other day did the same thing, and I've no idea why. It's incredibly annoying. Maybe the mixture needs to be less runny. I did make up the recipe for the coffee muffins, so I'm not entirely surprised they weren't perfect. I need to find instructions for making the perfect muffins.

Sunday, August 12

I am wiiiiireless. Hurrah. I set it up all on my own - I have a Big Brain. So now I can sit on the toilet with my laptop and still be online. Just what any girl wants!

After I used my Big Brain to successfully set that up, I went to Sainsburys. That was exciting. I got Fab ice creams. I didn't look at the packaging very closely (Normally trips to Sainsburys are very much a get in, grab stuff, get out as fast as you can affair. I strongly dislike being around so many people.) and was expecting normal, good old fashioned Fab lollys. But no, they're Fab ice creams. Innacone kinda thing. Amusing, but no where near as satisfying as the real thing. So I was slightly disappointed. But really, how disappointed can one person be when they have ice cream? That's right, not very!

After that I decided to make cupcakes, because cupcakes make the world go round. That's right, all this time you thought it was love or something crappy like that. Well, you were wrong. It's cupcakes! Cupcakes with hundreds and thousands and chocolate chips. Any kind of cupcake. Hmmm cupcakes.

Just one problem. I ate too much cake mix while I was making them, now I feel too sick to eat them. Clever Holly! Maybe I'll leave a couple in the hallway for the neighbours.

Tonight I am going meteor hunting. The Perseids meteor shower is visible this weekend and I intend to drive somewhere veryverydark and try to take photos of it.

Sunday, August 5

It's official, I'ved turned into a Harry Potter loser. In the last two weeks I've read 4 and a half of the books.

Not much to report other than that. By the way, if you haven't already done it - vote for my photos! (See entry above this one). Only a couple of weeks until voting ends, so get going!